About Us

Melting Pot International (MPi) Magazine has been at the forefront of interracial and multicultural information for the past fifteen (15) years, with a vision to promote a positive and confident message about the interracial (cross racial/cross cultural/mixed race) and multicultural communities in the UK and beyond. Since it was launched in 1996, the magazine has had an outstanding reception by everyone who has read a copy, and has had extensive media interest over that period.

MPi prides itself on showcasing beacon projects from the British interracial and multicultural communities, and as a vibrant and dynamic interracial and multicultural lifestyle magazine with an ethical and positive outlook, there is no other magazine in the United Kingdom like it. MPi has captured the imagination of many people from around the country; from various organisations and schools, to celebrities and ordinary people. MPi is exceptional in its presentation, message and outlook, and deals with the issues that no other publication will deal with.

MPi was launched back in October of 1996, and was circulated on a duel-distribution basis. The printed magazine was distributed through the specialist news trade outlets, and in places which are large catchment areas for the community. MPi also developed a subscriptions base of over 5,000 subscribers in the UK and overseas. However, because of the rise of ‘online’ publications, the decision has been made to publish on an online basis only. 

In order to fulfil its stated objectives, MPi combines high quality editorial issues with exciting features, covering everything about the interracial and multicultural communities from news and views, and current affairs, to big name interviews with celebrities, profiles of people involved in cross racial/cross cultural relationships, health and finance, education and environment, food, fashion and much, much more.

But in keeping with its commitment to social issues, MPi devotes a sizeable section of the magazine to the plight of interracial and mixed race adoption and fostering. A very high proportion of the children who are in the care system are from interracial or mixed race backgrounds. And that is why it is extremely important for MPi to highlight the plight of such children on a regular basis.

Adoption & Fostering

Within the British childcare system more than sixty percent (60%) of the children who are in care from minority ethnic backgrounds are of mixed race (or multi-race) heritage. These children tend to end up in the care system because the relationships between their white and black (or other combination) parents have broken down, and one or both parents are unwilling to take on any responsibility for the child.

There are many combinations of such children within the care system. Children from black and white parents, Asian and white, oriental and white, Muslims and Christians, and many other combinations are currently languishing within the child care system without much hope. Local authority social services departments, and private adoption and fostering agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to secure suitable adopters or fostering families for these children.

And it is with this extremely important social issue in mind, that Melting Pot International (MPi) has devoted a sizeable portion of the magazine to the adoption and fostering issue. Every edition of the magazine will carry both editorial and advertisements specifically devoted to ‘mixed’ and ‘multi heritage’ adoption and fostering, and will sometimes feature selected agencies or adoption and fostering departments of the local authorities.