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MPi is more than a magazine! It’s a source of vital information and pride for the interracial and multicultural communities. MPi will allow your company/organisation to reach the interracial and multicultural communities in the United Kingdom and around the world, where no other publication can give you that direct access. Utilizing the various interracial and multicultural cultures in Britain, their history and traditions, MPi regularly fill the pages of the website with lots of interesting material, giving our readers a priceless insight and a deep sense of pride in their community.


There are a number of advertisement positions which are available to the advertiser, and which can be used to promote your product/service at any given time. Companies can advertise through one of our advertisement 'link' positions on the MPi website. The advertisement positions available are as follows:

◙    The Commercials Window
◙    Masthead Banner (Home Page) 
◙    Bottom Banner (Home Page)
◙    Top/Bottom Banner (general)
◙    Interactive Box
◙    Interactive Half Box  
◙    The Adoption & Fostering Page
◙    The MPi Jobs Page 

The MPi website offers a number of different advertisement link positions which includes: Top Banners, Bottom Banners, Interactive Box, Interactive Half Box, and a very ‘specially’ created Commercials Window. The Commercials Window is specifically designed to run TV commercials at an extremely inexpensive rate, allowing advertisers the chance to reach millions of potential clients and customers for very little outlay.

Additionally, the Adoption & Fostering section (New Families) is unique to MPi, and is the only adoption and fostering section in Britain which is specifically dedicated to children of mixed or multi-heritage. In addition to the above mentioned links, adoption and fostering advertiser can also advertise on a ‘special’ adoption & fostering advertisement page.

Interested companies should contact CASS on the above information.

Affiliates Sales Programme

The Melting Pot International (MPi) affiliate programme provides associated websites and sales consultants with the opportunity to offer advertisement space on the MPi website. By taking advantage of this affiliate programme consultants and websites can earn commission every time someone buys a space because of them. The affiliate programme is very easy to set up, with the simple requirement of registering your “affiliate” status with us, supply us with your full contact details, and you are ready to start earning commission on your advertisement sales.

Melting Pot International (MPi) is the only publication in Britain (and Europe) which caters specifically for people who are involved in interracial relationships, and people who are themselves mixed race (or multi-heritage). As a printed magazine, it had been published since 1998, and had developed a staunch and loyal readership of more than 30,000. But MPi will now only be published online, unless (or until) an investor is found to support a printed version again.

The MPi website will be updated on a monthly basis and affiliates will have twelve (12) chances to earn commission. However, the MPi website is ongoing and affiliates will be able to earn commission on a continuous basis.

Earn Fantastic Commissions

With our affiliate programme, you can earn up to 20% commission on all sales generated by you, or through your website. We like to develop very good customer relations with our advertisers so we would expect advertisers to repeat their previous bookings, and this will mean that you will be able to earn commission on your repeat sales. This will mean that there is no limit to how much commission you can earn; the more you sell the more you will earn!

Affiliate Contact

We have a dedicated Affiliates Manager at MPi so if you have any questions about the programme before you make your decision then please do not hesitate to contact them. You can either email your enquiries to either: or to  Remember, you can earn 20% commission from our ‘affiliates’ sales programme!

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