Monthly Overview:

You’re normally one who can see all the grey area, but this month your filter is set to some pretty stark blacks and whites. Why so pensive, Aquarius? The Sun is roving through Virgo, your eighth house of intimacy, privacy and psychological intensity, until September 23. The eighth house is the zone of merging—financial, emotional, sexual and spiritual resources—and you may be concentrating on one or two key relationships at the moment. Perhaps you’re consumed with a detailed project or going through a deep, inside-out transformation. Pour your considerable focus into building greater long-term security by researching ways you can create strategic alliances, in both business and pleasure. This is also the first full month of expansive Jupiter stationed in your eight house; the planet of luck entered Virgo on August 11 and will stay here until September 2016. For the next year, Jupiter's optimism could inspire you to take risks in all joint efforts, especially those involving love and money. Jupiter’s “go big or go home” message can awaken a revolution within!

Adding to the hectic pace, September is a busy month, with two game-changing eclipses (a Virgo solar eclipse, and an Aries lunar eclipse) and communication planet Mercury turning retrograde (backward). Meanwhile, alluring Venus and intense Pluto correct course and end their retrograde commutes. Structured Saturn will also change signs and settle into Sagittarius for the next two years—a welcome relief after Saturn’s challenging three-year trek through Scorpio and your career sector.

Things really heat up on September 13 with the first of this month’s two eclipses. This partial solar (new moon) eclipse is the first Virgo eclipse in the new series on the Pisces/Virgo axis. This eclipse group, which began on March 20 (with a Pisces total solar eclipse) will run through 2017 and totally revamp the way you deal with money, wealth, income, investing, security, spirituality, sex, and merging. Mid-month, you could get a lead on a promising, lucrative investment or an offer to roll with the heavy hitters. You're a money magnet, too…so ask, believe, and receive! Your emotional life could have a rebirth. You could meet someone with soulmate potential, spark up an exciting attraction, get engaged or hear news of a pregnancy.

This is a two-year series that will touch down in the second and eighth houses of your chart, ruling the ways you value yourself and the way that others value you, too. A key component to fiscal security is knowing your worth—if you don't truly "get" what it is you bring to the table, how will anyone else? You're due for a spike in self-sufficiency—the more capable you feel covering your bottom line, the more powerfully you can merge with others. You could get a new job offer or revolutionize the ways that you spend and save. An empire could be in the making!

Choosing your teammates carefully will be the order of the next couple years, as regimented Saturn reenters Sagittarius, your eleventh house of group activity, on September 17 and stays until December 19, 2017. In late December 2014, structured Saturn moved into Sagittarius for the first time since 1988, and started to bring attention to all the ways that you engage in your community and collaborations. The first half of 2015 was strong in this arena until June 14, when Saturn backed into Scorpio for a brief final visit to your career sector, helping you solidify your ambitions and make some final adjustments to your professional path. Saturn first entered Scorpio in October 2012, pushing you to step into your own authority and learn how to play by the rules.

Now, status-driven Saturn settles into Sagittarius until December 2017, so get set for some premium collaborations, inspired new friendships and even to follow your greatest humanitarian dreams. Aquarius rules the zodiac’s eleventh house, so this is your natural networking wheelhouse. Your social circle could shift during this transit, as you drift away from the unambitious good-time types and start spending quality time with forward-thinking people who inspire you to dream bigger. You ARE the company you keep, so if you've outgrown a certain set of pals or a once-exciting altruistic project, Saturn may encourage you to move forward in a different direction. You may also decide to pour more time into a digital venture, perhaps launching an online business or blog. Bonus points if it has a visionary or world-bettering angle. Saturn is encouraging you to be the way-shower you are—don't be afraid to step away from the herd!

Be careful with your words and commitments, though. Mental Mercury turns retrograde (backward) in Libra, your ninth house of freedom and expansion, from September 17 until October 9. During this three-week period, you may have some confusion around what you truly need to feel free. Proceed with caution, e.g. if you start thinking ashram life is for you, it's probably better to wait a couple weeks after the retrograde ends before quitting your job and selling your worldly possessions. Since the ninth house rules honesty, you could also find that your well-meaning bluntness comes across as cold, straight up rude or offensive. Doh. You don't need to thrust self-righteousness in everyone's face to get your point across: A little humility will go a long way, Water Bearer. Mercury retrograde can foil travel plans, and this is doubly true with it being in your globetrotting ninth house! Check and double check all your schedules and give yourself extra time to get to your destinations. An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.

On September 23, the Sun enters Libra and your worldly ninth house, boosting your desire for adventure. Entertain all the ways you can expand the current borders of your world—through study, travel, research, or a new spiritual philosophy. The choices are limitless! There are so many ways to experience our diverse universe—you're set to dip your toe into at least three new directions. With Mercury retrograde here you may want to wait to institute plans, but reflection on your life purpose is definitely favored now. So is reconnecting with long lost friends, especially those you’ve met in your far-flung travels.

The month ends with fireworks, as the September 27 total lunar (full moon) eclipse in Aries shines its change-making light on your third house of communication and the mind. Expect the unexpected, as there could be news or a message that comes seemingly out of left field. Lunar eclipses sweep away all that’s outmoded, bringing abrupt endings, manifestations and transitions. If your thinking has gotten stale, you could be in for a whole new attitude. Maybe a writing project or teaching gig appears as a glittering opportunity. Is it time to host a workshop or publish your life story? Since eclipses often feel wobbly, you may not be sure which direction to go in. Don't doubt yourself—or your intelligence. Your active, creative mind can really shine, and since this one is in the self-focused sign of Aries, you just might want to express some rather personal and subjective views. A sibling, neighbor or close friend could figure in to some turning tides.

This is the last eclipse in an annual three-part series that started in October 2013, so you're wrapping up a larger cycle. You could receive big news, especially if you've been waiting on a green light for a project. Your ideas are golden, and with this cosmic activity in the most cerebral domain of your chart, the timing could hit just right. If you and a kindred spirit are eager to join forces, the long-term gains could be huge—there's plenty of dynamism between you. Just a word of caution, though: With Mercury retrograde, you may want to wait until the communication dust settles to sign papers. The terms will be much clearer by mid-October.