Money & Career:

What’s that rumbling we hear? Is it the sound of cranes breaking ground on your empire? This month, the Sun and lucky Jupiter—along with a partial solar eclipse on the 13th—are in Virgo, your eighth house of mergers, shared resources and wealth building. Ca-ching! You're thinking about finances with a longer-term focus—what about that rainy day fund, a savings plan, retirement? If the economy falters next year, will you feel secure? You could get an opportunity to pay off a huge debt or create a reliable (and possibly lucrative) passive income stream. Perhaps an invitation to join forces with a heavy hitter catapults you to a whole new stratosphere. Be alert to promising investments, including real estate deals. If you get the green light on a project that has potential royalties, the payoff could be substantial. The September 13 new moon eclipse is the first of three Virgo eclipses falling between now and 2017, so it's just the beginning of your new financial chapter. But significant seeds are certainly being planted, and with expansive Jupiter in Virgo until September 2016, you’ve got a year to increase your bounty exponentially.

A business alliance could be full of energy and momentum, as driven Mars is in Leo, your partnership sector, until September 24. You and a colleague could be hammering out the terms of an agreement, or even trying to figure out how to address a conflict. Mars can also bring stress, so you could feel pressured by someone to "make it happen" when you're not ready (and the opposite could be true, too—don't be pushy, Aquarius). On September 8, motivator Mars forms a supportive trine with innovator Uranus in Aries, your third house of communications, so an air-clearing, frank conversation could help smooth over rough edges. Or, you may have the brainstorming session of the century. This is the only Mars-Uranus trine in 2015, so take the courageous ball and run with it. A meeting of the minds could have fantastic results, so be yourself: An out-of-the-box idea or solution might really rev you up! Let the excitement open all kinds of new doors—you never know what's possible until you ask.

On September 17, responsible Saturn finally leaves Scorpio, and your tenth house of career and leadership, after a three-year tour (which began in October 2012). On the professional front, you may have had some hard knocks…you couldn't get away with cutting corners and especially not abdicating your own authority, Aquarius. This was no time to play small, and if you did, you were likely miserable…and not very popular with the higher-ups. Any success you achieved came from simple elbow grease—you learned the value of sticking with your goals, even when it could have been so easy to quit. Making matters even more challenging, Saturn formed a tough angle to your Sun, so you could have felt like your will and ability to shine was completely blocked at moments. Maybe it looked like an outside force was slamming the gate shut in the form of a rejected proposal, a job loss or limited opportunities—but in reality, this friction forced you to take yourself seriously. Saturn rewarded you for hustling and sticking with it, and it may now leave a parting gift in the form of a leadership role, greater job security or a career coup that you’ve earned through paying some serious dues.

Now, Saturn shifts into Sagittarius, your eleventh house of group activity, where it calls for you to spiff up that Rolodex. For your friendly sign, connection and networking is as easy as breathing. But you can still be more strategic about identifying and reaching out to the "who's who" in your industry (and beyond—your big thinking sign can always find a way to creatively involve those of other fields and disciplines). Look to mentors—people who use their network in a way that feels authentic AND savvy. See if you can learn from what others are already doing. And be sure to make social networking sites a cornerstone of your strategy—there's plenty to love about LinkedIn .

From September 17-October 9, clever Mercury turns retrograde (backward) in Libra, your ninth house of expansion, causing delays in your current plans for personal and career growth. You could find that an exciting trip gets put on hold, or that you need to slow down on the launch of a new startup. If you were going to go back to school, a seemingly foolproof plan could fall apart. It's all for the greater good, whatever happens. Take any obstacles in stride, as they are—believe it or not—evidence of the world conspiring to give you the biggest blessings of all!

Teamwork trouble? On September 24, go-getter Mars enters Virgo, your eighth house of control and power, immediately forming a square with serious Saturn in Sagittarius, your eleventh house of collaborations. The tensions will last a week, so take any joint ventures or collaborations slow, giving yourself time to work out the kinks. Mars will be in Virgo until November 12 anyhow, so you have plenty of time to rev up your joint efforts. Just go easy for the rest of September. It may not be time for a consensus model, or dividing the pie into such small slivers that everyone starves. Recognize that not everyone can be in the inner circle, and that's okay…for now. If you stay focused and get really successful, then you can bring the hardworking, worthy peeps with you. Be extra careful about loaning money or asking for donations. Are your friends rolling their eyes at yet another crowd-funding project? Please don't forget to give sincere thanks or to value your supporters. You, too, may tire of being hit up by those who can't ever seem to get their act together. Know your limits, but above all, obey them.

A five-star opportunity to pitch your big ideas arrives on September 27, when a total lunar eclipse falls in Aries, your third house of communication. Maybe you'll sell a winning concept for a project, or circulate an articulate, thought-provoking piece of writing. Your words are passionate and convincing, so take the lead in any group meetings or presentations. There's a lot of power behind your ideas and how you express them. You could get the go-ahead for a collaboration that brings you to much greener pastures. And if there's been a lingering idea that doesn't quite work, you could find conclusion today, too. Since the third house also rules gossip, you could hear an important piece of information, possibly about a colleague or the state of affairs at the office. Err on the side of neutral if the conversation turns catty. There are 1,001 ways you can better use your energy…like honing your next big idea! Besides, with Mercury retrograde, the grapevine could have some rotten fruit on it. Don’t believe everything you hear. Eclipses can turn things topsy-turvy, so it’s best to let the dust settle for a few days before responding to any rumors or misinformation.