Love & Relationships:

As author Augusten Burroughs wrote, "There is no shame in being hungry for another person. There is no shame in wanting to share your life with somebody." We would tell you to heed those words, Aquarius—if you weren't already destined to live them. This month, the Sun and expansive Jupiter are in Virgo, heating up your eighth house of intimacy and soulmates. With a September 13 partial solar eclipse in Virgo—and adventurous Jupiter here for the next 12 months—you are definitely headed for some more intensely vulnerable waters.

Midmonth, the eclipse could bring a turning point in a key relationship—maybe you take a step toward building a deeper and more lasting connection, or you meet someone who makes you want to open your heart again. Couples could take a committed leap of faith. What will it be—pregnancy, cohabitation, engagement or even a quickie at City Hall? Naturally, all of these strong emotions may startle your independent sign. But don't think of going deeper with someone as giving up your freedom—or “losing” yourself: Exploring new facets of your soul with another human being IS freeing—or it can be, with the right person. Here's the thing: You don't know until you try. To give you a dose of literature-driven courage, check out this take on soul-merging in the new book from sex maven Erica Jong, Fear of Dying, in which she takes this whole sex/existence thing just about as far as one can.

The month starts out on a more balanced note in relationships, though, as magnetic Venus meets up with sultry Mars in Leo, your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. This is the second of three such alignments between the cosmic lovers this year—so take full advantage! The emphasis on partnership is strong. You may be willing to concede some of your autonomy for more companionship in your life. There could be an "a-ha" moment in the works, as you understand just how much an existing relationship means to you. (So show 'em with flowers, a heartfelt note, concert tickets…whatever will make them happy!) With Venus retrograde (backward) you could be pondering reconciliation with a past love. Tread carefully, Aquarius. Is the timing finally right to give it a go—or should you aim for peaceful closure so you can cut ties and move on?

You may have a better sense of your personal love landscape on September 6, when Venus moves direct (forward) in your seventh house of relationships. Since Venus turned retrograde July 25, you and a partner may have been at odds. Perhaps you were fighting more than normal, couldn’t align on your level(s) of commitment or you were just consumed with work that cut into couple time. Now, it's time to move past any issues that rose to the surface over the past six weeks. (Hopefully, you used Venus retrograde constructively, and hashed them out.) Retrogrades can bring back people from our past. A former flame may have shown up, throwing confusion into the mix. But was it smoke and mirrors…or a genuine effort to try again? Chances are good that old hurts and insecurities reared their ugly heads. The cosmos was gifting you a wonderful chance to heal and repair a relationship—or your approach to relationships. Single Aquarians might have taken a break from dating, or used this retrograde to dismantle your own blocks around love.

Once Venus corrects course, it will remain in Leo and your partnership house until October 8, giving you a golden month for companionship or meeting a prospect with long-term potential. Since sexy Mars is also in Leo until September 24, the passionate embers are still very much alive. Be warned, however, that Mars can bring friction. You may pick fights just to get some attention, or one of you could be pressuring the other for more time, a commitment or something of that nature. Easy does it, Aquarius!

On September 8, you have a chance to be more constructive as Mars forms an auspicious trine to revolutionary Uranus, which is in your communication house. This is the only Mars-Uranus trine of 2015, so take full advantage, perhaps initiating a productive conversation about the long haul. What will make it work? Spending more time together, or having an unconventional Frida-Diego living arrangement? You may be able to strike the ideal balance of commitment and freedom with liberated Uranus here. This cosmic alliance fosters open conversation and encourages you to give each other some breathing room. Single Water Bearers could meet someone special through mutual friends, and definitely online, as Uranus rules technology. (Never say "never" about meeting a life partner online).

The intensity ratchets up on September 24, when red-hot Mars enters Virgo, your eighth house of soul merging, until November 12. You may even feel obsessed about a partner, or finding a partner. Slow down, Aquarius. During the first week of this transit, Mars forms a constricting square with regimented Saturn in Sagittarius, your eleventh house of friendships. Your inner circle may simply disapprove of your romantic/sexual choices and behavior, or you could find that your desire for private together-time clashes with the demands of your buzzing social calendar. Ditching your friends and skipping events could have real repercussions, though, so don’t be “that” person who disappears when you fall for someone. If there’s trouble in paradise, you might also feel hesitant to confide in friends, perhaps out of shame or because you want to protect the golden image of your partner/relationship.

If a lover doesn't fit into your social circle (or vice versa) there could be tough choices ahead. You need to deal with being out of sync, which could prompt some hesitation about the union. Single? Don't let jealousy or envy get anywhere near your heart center—and that includes coveting the life that someone else has built. Your friends may SEEM to have perfect relationships, but in reality, nobody does. Aquarius, it's truly best to stay in your own lane. With the gridlock influence of Mars-Saturn, you may even feel stuck or pessimistic. The roadblocks are temporary—and they’re here to help you pace yourself. Real trust and intimacy are built over time, even through emotional trials that bring you closer together.