Money & Career:

Time to get your plans into ship-shape, Aries. September is serious back-to-school time with planets visiting Virgo—including the Sun (until September 23) and expansive Jupiter (until September 2016)—firing up your sixth house of organization. Whatever tasks you’ve been avoiding must be completed now during this nose-to-the-grindstone month! It’s time to deal with the practical aspects of life, like filing, cleaning, medical checkups and anything else that could effect your day-to-day functioning. Since the sixth house rules all things environmental, you may roll the dice on a green project—such as a new office recycling system—or get involved in a service-oriented venture. Your “fix-it” skills are on fire this month, too. When others have problems, you are likely to come up with solid, practical steps to address their issues. 

On September 13, a major moment arrives, as a Virgo partial solar eclipse sets this practical zone of your chart on fire. It’s the first Virgo eclipse of the series on the Pisces/Virgo axis, which runs from March 20, 2015 through 2017. On this day, you could have a human resources shake-up, or an eye-opening realization that someone truly DOES have your back. Perhaps a valued assistant exits your work environment—or maybe an ace helper saves the day. You may realize a sudden and urgent need to staff up with a reliable babysitter, house cleaner, virtual assistant et al. Or maybe it's time to implement some project management apps and tools instead of keeping everything in that quaint little paper day planner. Whatever the development, it may feel drastic, but it’s all in the service of reshaping your health, creativity and day-to-day work style for the better!

Balancing out the pragmatic focus, energetic Mars is in Leo, your fifth house of creativity and self-expression, until September 24. This assertive energy makes you a great leader—and don’t be surprised if others notice. You could experience some recognition during this period; maybe your company is profiled or you’re asked to give a presentation on your most innovative ideas. A big day in the spotlight could be September 8, when forward-moving Mars forms a supportive trine to brilliant Uranus in Aries. Others might suddenly see the genius in your ideas, giving you plenty of attention and a prominent platform. This is a five-star day to take a real dare, putting yourself out there in a quirky, eye-catching way. Artists and innovators may find that an idea or project goes viral. Use social media and technology to share your unique, generous voice with a wider audience. Being authentic can put you light years ahead of the competition. No cookie cutter approaches needed, thank you very much! If people don’t like the “real” you, do you really need ‘em? With your pride and self-belief amped up, is it time to monetize a blog or YouTube channel?

Watch out for a tendency to be rash, especially in important conversations, as a tense square forms on September 9 between intelligent Mercury in Libra, your seventh house of partnerships, and controlling Pluto in Capricorn, your tenth house of professional ambition. An earnest desire for fairness and diplomacy could clash with an old guard way of doing things. An authority figure or VIP client could become a source of stress. Don’t let conflict devolve into a power struggle. Be kind and respectful to everyone, but remember, Aries, no one is the boss of you—even when you are required to adhere to certain protocol and rules. Negotiations may feel a little “off”—and if that’s your sense, you’re probably right. Some elements of this deal could be hidden. Perhaps you’re not being given the full story. While it could be maddening to know someone isn’t playing on the level—despite their words—your best bet is to ask pointed, open questions. There may be a way to get at your suspicions without coming in guns blazing! Be strategic; don't lay all your cards on the table. Hear what the other person really wants—and this may mean listening to subtle non-verbal cues. Your first order of business is to find out what you’re dealing with. 

On September 17, structured Saturn reenters Sagittarius, your ninth house of expansion and risk-taking, staying for the long haul until December 19, 2017. These next two years, you’ll naturally get serious about all the “journeys” you take—whether via study, publishing, entrepreneurship or travel. You may go abroad for work, or focus your efforts on a global market. One Aries we know is working overseas, and her company just offered her a three-month sabbatical so that she can soul-search and figure out how to better align herself with the company’s future goals. It’s not a time to cut corners or make ill-conceived decisions (e.g., in our friend’s case, she had already been saving up to take time off, so the risk was calculated). Do all of these things—returning to school, working with a business guru/coach, launching a new company—with a slow and steady approach. While instant gratification may evade you, much to your impatient chagrin, the results that come from hard work and due diligence will far exceed your expectations. Stick with it—and take the time to do it right. 

Partnerships and negotiations demand caution in the second half of the month. From September 17-October 9, communicator Mercury turns retrograde (backward) in Libra, your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. If you’ve been hammering out the details on a contract, things could get complicated or slowed down. You could be rethinking a union, or maybe the other party is having cold feet. Be patient and keep your eyes on the prize. This is no time for cutting remarks or pushy demands. You can already by snappy at times, but if you're impatient about getting answers (or unclear about what you want), it could go south quickly. Use this cycle for additional research and clarification—and be sure to read the fine print with the utmost care.

Tired of playing small, Ram? On September 22, you could be ready to do something about it, as powerful Pluto turns direct (forward) in Capricorn, your tenth house of success. Since April 16, the planet of transformation has been doing backstrokes here, bringing to the fore all kinds of buried issues that stand in the way of your highest achievement. The beauty of Pluto is that it helps you gain awareness of your hidden, self-sabotaging ways. Maybe you have a deep-seated fear of success—or being controlled. Oh, the power struggles, Ram! It’s never going to feel light, but the intensity is there for a reason: It’s calling you to figure out your own strength (without worrying about anyone else) and then realize that you are, indeed, unshakable, no matter how upsetting an authority figure acts and no matter what’s going on all around you. As Pluto turns direct, you may find that opportunities—prestigious ones—are gravitating toward your desk. You are ready to assume greater authority, the kind that comes from knowing that, when the chips are down, you can still prevail. You can do anything you set your willful soul to, Aries.

On September 24, energizer Mars moves into Virgo, heating up your analytical sixth house of organization and protocol. The first week could be bumpy, as assertive Mars forms a tense square to rigid Saturn in your ninth house of freedom. The last square between these hard-hitting planets happened on January 15, and that could have been similarly conflict-laden. Are you trying to juggle too many things? Saturn shows you where you need to be more responsible, and if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew…well, you may feel like the universe is pulling the plug on your shoddy multitasking. Go-getter Mars likes to rush, and methodical Saturn slams the brakes, so there’ll be a bit of astrological whiplash going on. You may feel like you’re carrying a lead weight, trying to zoom forward with your high-flying plans, only to be pulled back down to earth, where you still need to deal with the nitty-gritty minutiae! Instead of rushing things, apply your energy toward coming up with a careful, thoughtful solution. You need a balance of both blue-sky thinking and nitty-gritty reality. This is your yellow light, so heed it!

You could be having a Diana Ross moment on September 27, when a total lunar eclipse falls in Aries and your first house of self—a cosmic coming-out party in your honor! This marks the last Aries eclipse in a three-part series that began October 2013. You’ve waited long enough. The world has waited long enough: It’s time you step into the unique greatness of being YOU. Any relationships that don’t support your authentic self could fall by the wayside. But, more importantly, you now have an opportunity for heightened (and healthy) self-regard. Take your most cherished goals seriously, Aries. It’s not narcissistic to want to usher passion projects into the world. In fact, the more you “own” your interests and agenda, the more your regard for others grows, too. Whatever today’s development, you're ready to take your personal plans to a whole new level. Out with the old, in with the new!