Love & Relationships:

Love is looking up once again! August had its rough spots, with romantic Venus retrograde (backward) in Leo, your fifth house of lust and passion. Luckily, September's first week has not one, but two, bright spots: On September 6, Venus turns direct (forward) after its six-week slowdown, restoring harmony to your bonds. Since July 25, you could have had your fair share of drama-rama and miscommunications (e.g., you ran into an ex who flat-out ignored you because he was with his new squeeze and you ended up giving him a piece of your mind, even if you knew deep-down that it was pointless). Any perceived slights to your ego were probably not taken lying down. Now that your fragile pride is no longer steering the romantic ship, you will have an easier time getting into your amorous groove, tapping your own allure and just enjoying some no-strings flirty fun. Ooh la la!

Swirling the seductive seas is a September 1 conjunction between Venus and sultry Mars in Leo, your amorous fifth house. This is the second of 2015's three Venus-Mars meetups. The first was on February 20 (in Aries, no less), so look back to that date for clues. With Venus retrograde this go-round, you may have an epiphany about your past. For example, maybe you weren’t always so receptive to your mate's advances because you were too busy over-functioning in the relationship. Now, whether coupled or single, you get to experience that perfect blend of give-and-take. Demanding that things always be on your terms is not gonna cut it. Cede some control, Ram! This is a great time to read up on a Kabbalistic approach to love, which emphasizes the need to take care of your part in love—but no more. You might like Yehuda Berg’s Kabbalah on Love. 

Venus will remain in Leo through October 8, and red-hot Mars until September 24. Hello, awakened libido! If you’re looking to give your sensuality some expression, a hip-opening dance class like belly dancing could really help. Or maybe you want to live out an all-eyes-on-you fantasy and try a pole dancing workshop. With feisty Mars in the mix, couples may argue more—and don’t pick a fight just to make someone “prove their love”! Instead, summon the courage to wear your heart on your sleeve and tell people how you REALLY feel. Single Rams might just be bold and send a coy yet suggestive text to a would-be lover. Start browsing for those racy Bitmojis. 

The passionate flames get stoked on September 8, thanks to a spontaneous Mars-Uranus trine. This is the only trine between these two risk-taking planets in 2015, so make the most of its caution-to-the-wind energy! Perhaps you find yourself completely taken by a sudden attraction that consummates quickly and surprisingly, e.g you cross paths at lunch and are 100 percent smitten by happy hour. Long-term couples could have a thrill, too, when the fire comes blazing back. Since Uranus likes the quirk factor, you may make some unusual requests in the bedroom. An unplanned pregnancy (or news of one) could also take you by surprise, with Mars in your fertile fifth house. Consider yourself notified.

Even with all the feel-good action, you may have a tense moment on September 9, when communicative Mercury in Libra, your seventh house of one-on-one relationships, squares deep-digging Pluto in Capricorn, your tenth house of long-term plans. Are you and your honey on the same page? If you don’t have the same vision of “forever” or even “future,” things may come to a head. The universe is gently (or not so gently) reminding you that you can’t control everything, and you definitely can’t control your partner. Don’t let a stupid fight about holiday plans derail your present happiness. With Pluto in the mix, deeper issues are rising from the surface, possibly related to childhood. You didn’t see them coming—who knew your “daddy issues” were still at play?—but this is an opportunity to resolve the baggage standing between you and your S.O. Dig deep, Aries!

You'll have plenty of time to reflect and do any repair work from September 17-October 9, as thoughtful Mercury takes a retrograde (backward) spin in Libra, your seventh house of interpersonal relationships and commitment. During this period, it may feel like a partnership is on the rocks—but don’t give up yet. Mercury retrograde gives you a chance to review. It’s not the time to throw in the towel, as you could easily change your mind come mid-October. An ex partner could resurface, begging for reconciliation. Since Libra is already the sign of indecision, Mercury’s muddling will only heighten the confusion. Focus on what needs to be addressed in the here and now—and there’s probably plenty, as old issues are circling back. Keep your therapist or best friend on speed dial, so you don’t just spout off an ill-formed idea with your love. Think before you speak!

The September 27 Aries total lunar (full moon) eclipse on September 27 can sort a LOT of things out. This is the second-to-the-last eclipse in a series on the Aries/Libra axis that began in October 2013, which has been powerfully transforming both your individual identity and your approach to relationships. This has been an important journey for you, Aries, as the zodiac's most autonomous sign. You cherish your independence, but you also crave companionship. The eclipses have been helping you work out that balance. This eclipse will underscore how much of your personal identity you're willing to sacrifice (and we use that word delicately, because "sacrifice" may not even be part of the Aries vocabulary) for a partnership—and where your bottom-line, no-trespassing boundaries are.

One Aries we know travels constantly for work, while her partner is often stuck at home resentfully watching the kids. She is plagued by guilt, but also has to pay the bills. This eclipse cycle has forced this Aries and her mate to review some creative options over the past couple years. Although they THOUGHT they were happily settled in Washington D.C., they are now considering relocating to New York (her main commuter city), or possibly buying a second home there so the family can be together. These are the kinds of decisions you might confront at the end of September, Aries—a need for a macro-level change that can accommodate your skyrocketing growth but also keeps your loved ones content.