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If you are looking for the opportunity to publish your book, then look no further, because PSP Interracial Books is here to help you. Because the majority of book publishers are only interested in named authors – authors who are already published; celebrities; personalities; people in the news; and names that they think will sell many books. Even the great Charles Dickens was turned away by the publishers he approached, and was forced to published his books himself. And we all know about the quality of his work!

PSP Interracial Books focus on the creative needs of new writers like yourself, by giving you access to all the tools you need to publish your book quickly, easily and inexpensively. By using the latest print on demand technology and the new approaches to self publishing, we will give authors the services and assistance that they will need to publish their book.

Design, Production and Publishing Services are easily accessible, and with online distribution and our most extensive range of marketing campaigns, we simplify the task of not only publishing your book, but selling it as well. Our comprehensive range of publishing, editorial, add-on and marketing services enable authors to customise the self-publishing experience. We have a team of publishing professionals whose extensive experience and expertise will ensure a seamless and successful publication process.

The Cost of your package

We at PSP Interracial Books (the book publishing arm of Melting Pot International Magazine) have worked very hard to offer you the author, a comprehensive, affordable and quality alternative to the all too often frustrating world of conventional publishing. As a part of getting PSP to publish your book, we offer the following services to enable you to realise your dream of becoming a published author.
The book publishing industry tend to favour already published authors, celebrities, politicians, and social personalities. Consequently, most first time authors have got to resort to getting their material published by themselves. Even the great Charles Dickens was refused by publishers on many occasions, before being forced to publish his books himself. For only £3,800, PSP will publish your book for you, and you will receive all of the following as a part of our package:

1. Complete appraisal of your work:
A complete and authentic appraisal of your submitted material, and an honest
decision as to whether your material is good enough for publication.

2. Editing your material:
Once a decision has been made to publish your work, the professional editing of
your material will be a part of our publishing process.

3. Full text typesetting of your manuscript:
Professional type setters will computerise and layout your book in high
resolution ready-for-print format.

4. Design your book cover with our unique design module:
We will design your own book cover online by choosing one of our own images,
or by choosing your own custom design.

5. A “galley” proof of your book supplied for checking:
Once we have finished typesetting your book, we will send you a “galley” proof
of your book for approval prior to going to print.

6. 10 x complimentary copies of your new book:
Upon receipt of your approval, your book will be sent to press and 10 copies of
the book will be sent to you within 2 to 3 weeks of publication.

7. An ISBN number (International Standard Book Number):
Your book will have its own ISBN number assigned to it, and this will enable us
to sell it via any book store or internet website

8. Internet distribution:
We will distribute your book on our own internet website, other associated
websites, and secure agreements with dedicated book distribution website
register (such as Amazon) so that it will be made more readily available for
people to purchase.   

9. Wholesale distribution:
UK wholesale and specialist distribution will be secured for your book to make
it available for distribution throughout the UK and overseas.

10. Placed on legal deposit with UK National Libraries:
Because all books published in the UK must be submitted to The British
Library, we will submit your book to at least one of six main libraries in

The Book Publishing Package

What you get with the PSP book publishing package:

Authors who sign a self-publishing contract with PSP Interracial Books will be given the very best service, and will enjoy the following benefits from our book publishing package.

  • 10 free books:
    Authors will be given 10 free books for your own promotional needs, but you can order as many as you wish thereafter at the special author’s discount.
  • Exclusive Contract with PSP Interracial Books:
    The publisher’s exclusive publishing agreement will allow you to enjoy a generous 30% royalty payment – much higher than the usual industry standards which normally range from 5% to 15%.
  • Custom Cover: 
    Your book will have a custom designed, four colour cover, created with your personal input, by the publisher’s professional book designers. You will also be allowed to submit your own ideas and/or pictures.
  • Copyediting:
    Regardless of the amount of editing required or the length of your book, we will check for errors and give your manuscript a finished  polish with our professional copy-editing service.
  • Great Discounts:
    You will be given great volume discounts on the agreed cover price when you purchase your own books for your own personal distribution and sale.
  • Quick Availability:
    Your book will be edited, designed, printed and ready for sale in just 90 days or less

Book Publishing Contact

To make contact with PSP Interracial Books you can use the details below to do so, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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