Money & Career:

Bring on the brainstorms! The Sun is in Virgo—along with a catalyzing eclipse in Virgo, the idea-driven zone of your chart, on September 13—helping you step up your game when it comes to pitching and selling your brightest, most intellectually-inspired projects. Don't stand back and wait to be discovered—put your ideas out there boldly. Spend this month marketing and figuring out innovative ways to spread the word. Embrace a teaching or writing project, or take a short course to brush up your skills. On September 13, the solar eclipse could really urge you to use your voice or create a whole new platform of communication. This is a powerful day for sales, meetings and pitches. If a colleague and you just "click," a meeting of the minds could bode well for a future partnership—especially with lucky Jupiter in Virgo until 2016.

Mingle for your jingle? On September 1, charming Venus is conjunct Mars in Leo, your second house of work and money. Turn on your "It" factor and hit an industry event. With regal, warm-hearted Leo at play in this fiscally savvy zone, you may find that networking is both fun and lucrative. Use your flair to launch a stylish rebranding or presentation. This is also a good day to invest in your work wardrobe. Spending a few targeted bucks (think quality, not quantity) can help boost your confidence…which, in turn, could boost your income. Hello, win-win!

On September 8, energetic Mars in your finance zone forms a supportive trine to revolutionary Uranus in your tenth house of professional accolades. This innovative alignment is the only one this year, so make the most of this breakthrough energy, Cancer. Your sign can cling to what's familiar, so you can benefit especially from this change-making vibe—especially as it relates to your bottom line. Uranus rules technology, so the launch of a web site or implementation of a digital strategy, for example, could catapult you to a new professional level. Harness the can-do power of this Mars-Uranus meeting and advocate on your own behalf, sending out resumes or asking for a raise. You could score a new job or a promotion—or just put yourself on the map as a thought leader.

Do you have structures in place to support your skyrocketing growth? On September 17, serious Saturn moves into Sagittarius, your sixth house of organization and administrative tasks, carrying a long to-do list. Until December 19, 2017, you have an opportunity to get down to brass tacks, revamping your processes, streamlining systems and possibly even updating your whole work environment. Are you being as efficient as you could be with your time and resources? Saturn will help you cut any excess, and also figure out time-saving practices. Systematizing your life is the top order of business for the next two years.

Since challenging Saturn can make you feel daunted or resistant, you could run into obstacles around hierarchy or the need to follow protocol. You could feel micromanaged or unappreciated under Saturn’s influence perhaps by a condescending or controlling person in upper management. Ugh! Saturn is the wise teacher, so your best bet is to ask yourself: What is the lesson I’m meant to learn here? Perhaps it’s time to go somewhere that gives you more autonomy. But maybe there’s something valuable to gain from learning and following the process, especially if it will open doors for the long haul.

The sixth house rules administrative workers, service providers and helpers. It might be time to hire or upgrade assistants, either at the office or at home (e.g., a new babysitter or house cleaning service). Saturn demands high levels of integrity, so don’t cut corners or go cheap when it comes to Team Cancer. Better to pay a little more for a reliable, experienced person (and DO check references) than to save a couple bucks per hour but have to go and redo that person’s work. We know one business owner who fired her entire staff when Saturn was in her sixth house. Although she lost some valuable members of her original team, she also realized that her business had evolved, and these people were no longer a fit with the company’s changing needs. The transition wasn’t easy, but her biz is on more solid ground than ever (and in the black!). That’s the message of Saturn: Do the hard work now and you’ll reap the long-term rewards later.

From September 24-November 12, make-it-happen Mars visits Virgo, your third house of communication. You’re amped up to sell and share ingenious ideas, to impress your colleagues with your wit and wisdom, and brainstorm like mad. As on fire as you are, though, remember that haste makes waste. Temper your impulsiveness by slowing down, dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's, because Mars will square restrictive Saturn on September 25. You’ll feel this tension for about a week, so pace yourself. Since Mars tends to rush and Saturn tends to delay, you could be feeling a little whiplash if you try to do too much or champion an idea before its time. You're trying to race ahead, but also feeling held back. Your mantra? Slow and steady wins the race.

The month ends with a crowning career moment, anyway: On September 27, an exciting—and possibly exhausting—total lunar eclipse in Aries could bring a huge professional victory. If you’ve been toiling away, this full moon could deliver a hard-earned payoff. All those late nights and stressed-out moments were not in vain, Cancer—and you’ll see that now. Since this is the third annual eclipse in a three-part series (the last two were October 2013 and October 2014), there’s a good chance you’ve been working toward this moment for a couple solid years. Now, everything comes together rapidly and even a bit unexpectedly.

With this eclipse in go-getter Aries, passivity won’t serve you. Be a warrior on behalf of your long-term goals. Don't let a grand vision fizzle out as a hazy dream. Grab the cosmos' brass ring by taking a leap of faith, perhaps in the form of accepting a new job or leadership opportunity. Lunar eclipses can swiftly change the landscape, bringing endings, transitions or turning points. All this change could be disorienting, especially if it comes in the form of unexpected news, like a company reorg or even a layoff at a dead-end job. Although unplanned changes can be surprising and even upsetting, in the larger scheme of things, you may need a jolt to move forward! Consider whatever happens, in whatever form, to be a serious vote of confidence from the universe. The eclipse is here to make sure you are living your highest purpose, and not spinning your wheels.