Love & Relationships:

Chivalry is not dead, Cancer—at least not this month. On September 1, old-fashioned romance makes a comeback, as love planets Venus and Mars unite in Leo, your reliable second house. This is the second of three conjunctions between the cosmic lovers this year (the first was on February 20 and the last is on November 2), an unusually high number of Venus-Mars meetups.

As the month opens, you are far more attracted to the stable types—and amen for that! Dates who show up 30 minutes late are out, and the ones who call when they say that they will and treat you with the utmost respect are definitely in! Since the second house rules luxury, you may be craving posh dates or you’ll be inspired to put more effort into your appearance, going for sophisticated looks and a polished presentation. Solo Crabs could meet a “person of interest” at work or through a job-related event. Coupled Cancers will enjoy feeling like a power couple out on the town. Since Venus rules social gatherings, definitely take time to glam it up, even if it's just for happy hour with your work crew. Speaking of work, this Venus-Mars alliance in your financial house could also bring an office romance or an attraction to someone you meet at an industry event.

The only fly in the ointment is that Venus is retrograde (backward) until September 6, and has been in this challenging backward position since July 25. You may have spent the last six weeks dealing with unwanted relics of your romantic past. Old self-confidence issues could have flared, or maybe your security was rocked by an unexpected turn of events. An ex could have resurfaced, as retrogrades bring back people from the past. On September 6, magnetic Venus goes direct (forward) in Leo, and you’ll soon have your swagger back. During Venus’ six-week retrograde spin, you may have felt "meh" about your appearance. Now, you could be turning heads, but even more, you'll take great pleasure in dressing for yourself. With alluring Venus in Leo until October 8—and sexy Mars here until September 24—this is the time to splurge on something luxe, like a designer dress or classic suit, with a high-end piece of lingerie underneath. Coupled or single, your date nights should be fit for royals. No warmed-over pizza for you (even if it has anchovies on it). Bring back the fancy factor—get a couple's massage for two, or hit a decadent spa that caters to couples.

Conversational conflict? On September 9, communicator Mercury in Libra, your fourth house of home and family, forms a tense square to deep-digging Pluto in Capricorn, your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. You could have some tense moments while talking domestic matters, like the timeline for moving in, meeting the family and having children. A long-forgotten issue from your childhood could arise, seemingly out of nowhere. You may get a clear glimpse into your controlling tendencies—which, let’s face it, we all have. Luckily, the mood lightens after September 22, when domineering Pluto turns direct (forward) in your relationship house, ending a five-month stretch of power struggles and deep, inner transformation around dating and mating. If you’ve been projecting your fears onto another person (either demonizing them or putting them on a pedestal), Pluto’s direct turn should clear this up.

Variety is the spice of life, Cancer, and you'll definitely be in the mood to sample different "flavors" in love, as red hot Mars enters Virgo, your third house of social action and flirty fun, from September 24-November 12. Solo Cancers might have luck with a friend-turned-lover or a prospect you meet through mutual contacts. The instant gratification of online dating could also suit your non-committal mood. Send off the risque texts, but take it easy the first week of this transit, as Mars is squaring cautious Saturn. The last thing you need is for a naughty missive to be accidentally sent to one of your clients (which is even more likely with Mercury retrograde from September 17-October 9). Yikes! For couples, seek out new date spots in your 'hood, since the third house rules local action. Connecting with your neighbors and fun-loving friends keeps your union fresh.