Health & Happiness:

Get your glow on, Crab! On September 1, beautifying Venus links up with motivator Mars in Leo, your second house of healthy habits. It’s a great day to implement some pleasurable routines that make you feel gorgeous inside and out. Perhaps a three-day juice cleanse is the perfect way to kick off back-to-school season. You may want to splurge on some La Mer or other high-end skincare lines. With Venus retrograde (backward) it could be a good time for a consultation with an aesthetician, but try out some product samples before laying out the cash—at least until Venus goes direct (forward) on September 6.

Family feud alert: From September 17-October 9, you may need to patch things up with a relative, especially a female member of your clan. Communicator Mercury takes a retrograde (backward) spin in Libra, your fourth house of home and family. You could have issues getting your message across with loved ones or roommates. Don't give up in frustration—slow down and really explain yourself properly. Home electronics could act wonky under Mercury retrograde’s technology-foiling spell, so don’t be surprised if an appliance conks out or your so-called SmartTV loses some IQ points. Visiting relatives could bring chaos—so try to schedule any houseguests for later next month. Since retrogrades rule the past, a trip home or research into your family history could be especially satisfying.

Your wellness becomes a priority in a big way on September 17, when serious Saturn moves into Sagittarius, your healthy sixth house, until December 2017. You are responsible for keeping yourself peaceful and grounded—in mind, body and spirit. Schedule regular workouts and maybe even hire an expert trainer. Or make an appointment with a nutritionist, so you can keep better track of what you eat for optimal wellbeing. You might even identify a food allergy or sensitivity, or discover a natural supplement that your system really takes to nicely. Since Saturn is methodical, you may see great results from a health-oriented app. If you’ve been skimping on strength training or regular workouts, it's time to make those a part of your routine. Commit—and then follow through.

It could be tough to really get workouts off the ground during the last week of September. Work pressure could cut into self-care time, as Saturn forms a tense square to Mars in your multitasking third house. You could be juggling too much, or just feeling overwhelmed by the new awareness that you have to get disciplined on a LOT of fronts—in your earnest attempts to do right by your body, you could lapse into information overload. Maybe you read too much conflicting information (Paleo? Vegan? Gluten-free? Juice detox?) and get overwhelmed by it all. Look for realistic ways to build vibrant wellbeing into your long-term lifestyle, instead of following a fad. Step by step, Cancer! Neither Rome, nor your gleaming new shell, were built in a day.

Love Days: 17, 21
Money Days: 27, 9
Luck Days: 7, 26
Off Days: 5, 19, 24