Money & Career:

Break on through to the other side, Capricorn! With the Sun and expansive Jupiter roving through Virgo and your horizon-stretching ninth house—along with a change-making solar eclipse on the 13th—September could be downright transformational. Your routine-driven sign might find it challenging to go with the flow like this—but you're also REALLY ready for something new. You could get an opportunity to teach or travel abroad for work, or even create an exciting venture from the ground up. Your entrepreneurial spirit is blazing, so it could be the perfect time to get a side gig off the ground, especially since lucky Jupiter is in this enterprising zone until September 2016. There's a certain warmth about you, too—so you could have some mind-expanding moments in conversation with a diverse group of people, or even send a healing, inclusive message that goes global (either in a viral video or blog post). If you've been aching to learn, you could enroll in a new course or even a degree program. With an open mind, the opportunities are limitless.

A joint venture could form or solidify around September 1, when charming Venus meets up with motivator Mars in Leo, your eighth house of shared wealth and assets. Maybe you and a friend research a joint investment or creative venture. This is also a great day to merge assets with your mate—are you negotiating a pre-nup or combining your finances? You may very well be thinking, "No romance without finance!" Your other half (and this includes business partners, too) needs to pay to play, to a certain extent. Understanding what you're both bringing to the table is critical to eventual success. Since harmonious Venus is retrograde, definitely spell everything out to preserve the friendship or relationship. Intertwining money is no light affair.

Financial matters could feel especially tense with go-getter Mars in Leo until September 24. Maybe a big bill or expense hits, and you need to get creative—fast—to meet your obligation. Or perhaps you get inspired to pay off an old, looming debt. Overall, you're cleaning up your financial landscape for the long haul. You could get a possible boost around September 8, when assertive Mars forms an auspicious trine with innovator Uranus in Aries, your fourth house of home and family. Perhaps you receive a loan, a tax-deductible gift, an inheritance or some kind of payout. If you're looking for a way to finance a new real estate purchase, a relative could co-sign on your dream apartment or home. Or perhaps you take sudden action and draft a living will or a health care proxy. You could even focus on creating a solid retirement plan. That "someday" feels like it's just around the corner even if it’s years away—and you want to be prepared, Capricorn!

You have an intensely focused mind on September 9, when communicator Mercury in Libra, your tenth house of achievements, forms a dicey square to deep-digging Pluto in Capricorn, your first house of self and identity. You may have a moment of self-doubt or second-guessing your goals. Maybe you have a nagging unease: Are you even worthy of your greatest dreams? Of course you are—it's just that your subconscious fears and insecurities occasionally take the helm. You KNOW what you need to do to get ahead, but you keep obsessing over it…and maybe even sabotaging what you are so sure you want. (This is the time to ask: Do I really want this?) Once intensity-junkie Pluto ends its five-month retrograde on September 22, you gain more clarity on your path, ending an identity crisis. After this turn, you'll probably start to see why all the soul-searching was actually worth it!

Career-wise, you need to be extra cautious from September 17-October 9, as thoughtful Mercury is retrograde (backward) in Libra, your tenth house of achievements. During this period, you may have issues with discipline and structure. If you can't stick to a routine, don't beat yourself up. It's better you go with the flow and consider that there might be a much better way to get things done. Since the tenth house rules authority, you also have to watch out for bucking against a supervisor or VIP client, just because you don't want to follow protocol. It may actually be a good time to press pause on your bigger vision, reevaluating your plans. As the sign that rules hard work, you can be known for not quitting when, in actuality, it would have made more sense to abandon a certain plan or project. Think carefully now about ROIs. Don't roll out anything big during this period, either—do a "soft launch" or "beta test" to avoid technology troubles or your message getting lost in translation!

Your motivation to branch out really strikes on September 24, when go-getter Mars enters Virgo and your ninth house of expansion, staying until November 12. You could be revved up to be your own boss, so you may initiate a new start-up venture, or roll the dice and head back to school. Travel could be in the works, as you long to connect with people of all stripes, or, at the very least, remember how amazing and vast this world is. Since the ninth house rules publishing, you could even take a risk there, too, perhaps penning a page-turning novel. Your desire to teach or be a motivational speaker could also be piqued. But take it easy with your plans during the first week of the transit, as action-oriented Mars is square harsh Saturn in Sagittarius, your twelfth house of hidden agendas. You may not have all the information you need to move forward, or perhaps you're being outright deceived. Whatever the case, conduct due diligence. Don't rely on a "gut instinct" alone. The fumes of enthusiasm could fade fast. If you’re traveling for business, be aware of burnout. Don't push it with your work crew an hour after your flight if what you really need is a nap!