Love & Relationships:

Sex with THAT ex? Since July 25, love planet Venus has been retrograde (backward)—and since July 31, it’s been in Leo, your eighth house of soul connections, all-consuming intimacy and obsession. Retrogrades can reconnect us to our past, often bringing back people from those amorous archives. On September 6, Venus will end its retrograde, but not without delivering a spicy moment to close out the event. On September 1, magnetic Venus forms a conjunction with sultry, action-driven Mars in Leo—a union of the two “love planets.” With Venus retrograde (backward) until the 6th, this could mean that a past partner is on your mind…or even in your boudoir. Or maybe it’s time to turn back the clock with your current love, reenacting a few scenes from your early courtship days, when you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other! This super sexy day could spell all kinds of skin-baring fun for Capricorns, single and coupled alike.

This alliance of courageous Mars and romantic Venus allows you to be vulnerable in ways you may have never even dreamed you could. Maybe deep down you know you need to open up to your love interest, partner or even to yourself. Peel back the emotional layers—and reap the sweet, if intense, rewards. Mars-Venus conjunctions don’t happen very often and 2015 is an unusual year, because it features three of them. Of all three, this one is the most focused on your love life, so take advantage!

Once Venus turns direct (forward) on September 6, the planet of love will remain in this sizzling sector of your chart until October 8. Fortunately, red-hot Mars is also here until September 24, giving you added drive and charisma. Your singular focus: to go as deep as you can with your love connection. Since harmonious Venus went retrograde in late July, you may have been having a difficult time—perhaps fighting over issues of sex and money, or obsessing over an ex. Maybe you even had an old-flame encounter that triggered memories of a past betrayal. During this period, trust issues could have been set off by a hairline infraction, i.e. a momentary glance that seemed unloving. Or maybe you were just generally at odds with your intimate partner, and wondering, quite seriously, if you could ever make it work. Once Venus turns direct, you should start to regain your swagger, Capricorn. Take some time to appreciate your va-va-voom-ness—frumpiness begone! A pole dancing class or a full-body massage might be just the thing to get your mojo running on full blast.

All your struggles have not been for naught, however. On September 8, sexy Mars forms a supportive trine to revolutionary Uranus in Aries, your fourth house of home, providing a potential emotional breakthrough. You might feel more comfortable with your partner all of a sudden and just blurt out something that's been troubling you, standing in the way of a strong, healthy connection. ("Did I really just say that?") You could make a split-second decision to move in together, or make a bold sexual or emotional move that brings you closer, too.

Mid-month, be extra kind to yourself. Taskmaster Saturn, your ruler, enters your twelfth house of healing and closure, from September 17-December 2017. If you’ve been pining for someone or clinging to an old vision of love (or an old hurt, one that prevents you from making room for something new), now the cosmos is asking you to let go. You may need to make a firm and final door-closing so you can fully heal from a painful loss or an earth-shattering heartbreak. When it comes to slippery characters, you could be attracting your fair share, since the twelfth house rules deception. But with discerning Saturn overseeing the process, you can’t let the shady players into your life sans impunity. If you're single, use extra strong filters and screening to avoid being taken by a duplicitous type.

Old trust issues or fears could crop up—but are they coming from an unhealed place? It's better to look within first, as opposed to lashing out. Chances are, they originate within you. With structured Saturn in this healing part of your chart, it’s a good time for therapy or to work with a professional (e.g. a hypnotherapist) who can help you root these things out of your subconscious. Take control of your ability to heal yourself and to be truly responsible for your life. Your sturdy sign is all about self-sufficiency, which is why it may be extra hard to see the places where you're not owning up to your part in a problem (or to have compassion for someone else’s struggles). Be kind, and let this be a lesson: Everyone fails sometimes—we are human, after all. Don't let your extra empathy make you a target for energy vampires, though. If your other half holds an expectation that you're responsible for their happiness, Saturn will clean that up fairly quickly. Stay on top of things by being proactive and drawing clear emotional boundaries (especially if there is an addiction or toxic behavior involved). We love our friend Terri Cole's post breakdown of how to set emotional boundaries. Ready…set…line in the sand!

Lighthearted fun balances out Saturn’s heaviness from September 24-November 12, as active Mars moves through Virgo, your ninth house of adventure and optimism. If Saturn's weighty turn is wearing you down, this should provide you with some much-needed sparkle! You could have a sexy connection with a long-distance love, or someone whose background is different from yours. Under this influence, a beautiful mind could also be your biggest turn-on, Capricorn. You may want to travel with your sweetheart, as exploring together can turn up the heat between you. If you’re single, you may meet someone on vacation. But take it easy, because for the first week of this transit, Mars is forming a tricky square to boundary-enforcing Saturn in Sagittarius, your twelfth house of fantasy, illusion and delusion. Don’t get so caught up in the excitement of a connection that you abandon your normally solid common sense. Trust has to be earned, even if you FEEL an instant click. Duties may also interfere with your ability to fly free, but don’t let your schedule get so saddled with caretaking that you cut into your own time for fun, adventure and new experiences.