Health & Happiness:

Get your motor running, Capricorn! On September 1, harmonious Venus aligns with motivator Mars in Leo, your eighth house of intensity, internal healing and psychological depth. You could be inspired to undertake an all-out cleanse. Perhaps you'll do a stringent juice detox, or commit on a soul-level to getting rid of the emotional toxins that can cloud your vision and affect your health. Since Venus is the great beautifier, these efforts will show in your glow.

We all get by with a little help from our friends—even you, Capricorn! On September 8, you could have a supportive conversation with a relative or close pal, possibly a female, all thanks to the trine between energizer Mars in Leo and progressive Uranus in Aries, your fourth house of emotional wellness. This trine gives you a much-needed reboot…perhaps you feel inspired to move on and drop a grudge with future-oriented Uranus and proactive Mars here. If this turn of events feels sudden, or even explosive, you can easily channel it into constructive change. Don't forget that your ultimate goal is love. Say what you must, but don't forget to acknowledge the whole reason you're having this pow-wow in the first place: because you really care.

On September 17, serious Saturn heads into Sagittarius and your twelfth house of the psyche, healing and closure. It's time to heed your emotions, instead of stuffing them under the rug. This is a two-year cycle that will demand extra self-care and self-love. Know that your sentimental reserves (and physical energy) could wear thin, so get used to passing on exhausting outings and coming home from work at a reasonable hour instead. Since Saturn rules structure, you may want to get more regimented about when you eat, sleep, rise and perform other daily routines. Getting enough rest—those full eight hours when you can—could make a huge difference during this Saturn transit.

You may also get more disciplined about the ways you invite spirituality into your life. Creativity can be an incredible expression of the divine—so you may even want to think of yourself as being on a long artist's retreat until December 19, 2017. This can be challenging because you may have your "hermit" moments, but the added solitude is to pave the way for deep healing. You can't do that without a thorough exploration of your inner landscape. During this period, you may train to be a professional healer or work with an expert in this realm. But signing up for Reiki I, even if you never plan to practice, could lead to a watershed moment. Awakening the intuitive or healing side within yourself can be a compass that guides you through the rest of your life. And if yours IS awakened, then Saturn will help you tune this divine instrument.

Since the twelfth house rules compassion, you could find that your own stores of empathy are going through changes with restrictive Saturn here. Maybe you’re dealing with a loss, an illness or an addiction. With dutiful Saturn here, you may need to play caretaker for someone in need. Just be careful not to create codependent relationships. Take impeccable care of your body and mind and put on your own “oxygen mask” first, as they say. Meditation can be your miracle cure, so this is a great time to start a practice.

Don't fret if you can't stick to your normal routines this month, especially while clever Mercury is doing backstrokes in Libra, your tenth house of discipline, from September 17-October 9. During this period, you could have a hard time saying "no" to late evenings at work, or making it to your morning boot camp class. You could also struggle with old father issues—the paternal principle is said to be associated with identity, so you're dealing with bigger questions of who you are and how you want to be in the world. Don't let the past be your prologue. Make peace with your history (and an important male in your life). Once you clear that baggage, you're in a better position to create life on your own terms.

Your sign is ever-helpful, but on September 27, an Aries total lunar eclipse in your fourth house of self-care could help show you an internal emergency: your own well-being. Don't make the mistake of thinking you need to always be there for others—at the expense of your own sanity. You could have a dire need to refill your tanks. Check out and have a night in with an Epsom salt bath. Others can get by without your capable touch—and maybe they should. In fact, you might be the one who needs some TLC. Those who are used to you being the rock may not like it, but there's definitely a small cadre of people in your life who would love nothing more than to show up for you. Let them! Those are your people. The eclipse could herald a change in your living situation—maybe a partner moves in (or out) or a roommate leaves in a dramatic huff. Or maybe a surprise pregnancy has you rethinking your current digs. Is this the best place to create a sanctuary for your family? Take any changes in stride. They are for the best—and, yes, the universe does always have your back. Don't forget.

Love Days: 2, 7
Money Days: 15, 24
Luck Days: 13, 21
Off Days: 5, 9, 19