Canada pushing Jamaica to legalise marijuana for export

Canada is pushing to legalise marijuana for medical use and are willing to purchase marijuana from Jamaica, a lucrative deal that could potentially earn billions of dollars for the country on an annual basis. Blaine Dowdle, chief executive officer of Canada-based MedCannAccess, is urging Jamaica to act quickly and seize the vast economic opportunity that could come from legalising marijuana and establishing an export market for the product.

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Interracial dating and partnerships among lesbians

We’ve posed the question to a number of lesbians over the years and the answers have always been accompanied by a broad range of opinions. And of all those who are tied down to committed relationships, we can think of very few interracial partnerships within the mix. However, we believe that interracial dating and relationships are more common among lesbians than among heterosexuals since they’re already breaking barriers and defying norms by dating members of the same-sex.

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The forgotten history of Slavic slavery

Although the history of slavery spans nearly every culture, nationality and religion, from ancient times to the present day, most uninformed people consider slavery to be an African phenomenon. But it was the Slavic nations of Europe that provided the vast majority of slaves through history. The Slavs are an ethnic group living in Central, Eastern, Southeast Europe, who speak the Slavic languages, and share, to varying degrees, certain cultural traits and historical backgrounds.

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