Health & Happiness:

Put yourself first, Gemini. This month, you have a ton of astro-action in your tender fourth house—the Sun is in Virgo until September 23, expansive Jupiter is spending its first full month here, AND there's a bold new beginning on September 13, when a Virgo solar eclipse helps you get with the self-love program. You may have a page-turning experience with a family member or close friend, when you decide that you're not going the Paris-Nicole frenemy route anymore, and instead channel your inner Oprah and Gayle King. This is partly a process of maturity; you simply don't see the use of catty conversations or holding on to grudges. Things on the home front could also be changing. Maybe you’re switching roommates or residences, or you decide to do a big renovation. Perhaps your sanctuary structure is more symbolic—you’re creating emotional shelters by developing a sense of “home” within yourself. Ah, self-acceptance…that will keep you safe almost anywhere!

On September 17, serious Saturn exits Scorpio, your sixth house of wellness, where it has been providing plenty of stern lessons since October 2012. Perhaps you started watching what you ate (because you had issues such as stomach cramps, breakouts or headaches). Or maybe your issues were more around motivation and getting to the gym. If you rose to the challenge, you can now feel proud of yourself: You've incorporated wonderful, sustaining habits, like working out, lifting weights and eating better. You may even be much nicer to yourself, too, as you may have driven yourself crazy with internal chatter while Saturn was in this analytical zone of your chart. You can move forward now with a sound mind AND sound body.

Stress levels could peak later in the month, as aggressive Mars enters Virgo, your fourth house of home and family, from September 24-November 12. Use this time to get active—and to enjoy getting comfortable in your own skin. This cycle kicks off a whole new season of self-care. Your mind moves so quickly and rarely turns off. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the friction that could arise at home—from construction workers, roommates, family, etc.—use this period to get Zen about it all. Adopt a more philosophical way of looking at all the ups and downs of your life—and your heart. If you can't make it to the gym, set up a home workout system. Even blasting Spotify and doing some free dancing can help you shake the frustration away!

On September 25, a tight square between go-getter Mars in Virgo and harsh Saturn in Sagittarius, your seventh house of interpersonal relationships, could be an additional source of challenges. The transit’s effect lasts all week, and it's the second one of 2015. (The last one occurred on January 15.) There could be some slowdowns around home changes—such as moving plans, a real estate deal or just feeling comfortable in your own space (and skin). Mars is ramping up your need for reassurance—it may be difficult to sit with uncertainty. Meanwhile, Saturn is dialing up your worst fears around opening up to a partner or close friend. It's possible that a family issue needs addressing or repair. If there's been drama in the past, don't assume that the reverberation isn't affecting you now. Tread lightly. Respect the Saturn-laced gravitas of the situation. Breathe. And if you think you need a trustworthy third party to hash out problems, we recommend Family Constellation therapy, which takes a holistic approach to coexisting in harmony with your loved ones.

Love Days: 15, 19
Money Days: 26, 7
Luck Days: 5, 24
Off Days: 2, 17, 21