Money & Career:

Bring on the big bucks! The Sun is in Virgo, your second house of work and finances, until September 23. You're in a prime position—especially with lucky Jupiter spending the next year in Virgo, heating up this lucrative zone of your chart. On September 13, a powerful partial solar eclipse in Virgo also heralds a wave of positive and prosperous change—ready or not! It’s time to tap into your own reserves of self-sufficiency. If you've been putting up with a job that pays the bills but drains your soul, you may have an a-ha moment that it's time to rectify that situation. Your definition of "stability" is getting a serious makeover—is that hefty paycheck worth it if you need to spend money on weekly massages and therapy sessions to counteract the stress? If you insist on clinging to the status quo, the eclipse may take care of an outworn situation for you, by either presenting you with a glittering new opportunity, taking the tried-and-true gig away—or both. An unplanned or new expense could force you to get creative about increasing your income. Eclipses can temporarily make you feel like you're on shaky ground, while also demanding action at the same time. Choose your next moves wisely, focusing on what will be best for you—and your bottom line—in the long run.

Fortunately, you're full of big ideas. On September 8, driven Mars in Leo, your first house of fresh starts, forms a supportive trine to innovator Uranus in Aries, your ninth house of adventure and risk-taking. This is the only Mars-Uranus trine of 2015, so take full advantage of this mega-watt moment to revolutionize the way you do business. You have incredible drive to make things happen, so unleash your inner rainmaker and take action. If you've been in a professional rut, you could have a huge breakthrough, possibly around a technological innovation or a publishing project. (Any future Mark Zuckerbergs out there?) This is a potent day to spread your biggest, most expansive ideas to a wider audience. It's time to go global, Leo. Speak up—people are interested in your personal brand of genius. You may even have a video or blog post go viral. Make your move!

But do be careful the next day, when communicator Mercury squares controlling Pluto in Capricorn, your sixth house of analysis. Someone you thought was on your team may be undermining you, or you simply may not have all the facts straight. Dive in, and do some intensive research before delivering a hasty pitch or a sloppy report. Every single detail counts—don't let an important claim go unverified. You could be asked to show proof. Maintain your integrity by going the extra mile; even if it takes more time, it's worth it.

From September 17-October 9, communicator Mercury is retrograde (backward) in Libra, your third house of ideas and exchanges. You could find that conversations go nowhere during this three-week stretch. Or maybe they are full of mishaps and misunderstandings. Be as precise and articulate as possible. Get used to asking, "Does that make sense?" and "Is this clear?" Don't assume that you're on the same page with colleagues—verify everything. Try not to sign any important documents, because Mercury could be obscuring some important 411. Your schedule could be a source of stress, as appointments get cancelled and other delays wreak havoc on your day-to-day. Do your best to go with the flow. If your day frees up unexpectedly, use the time to finish an old project, like a piece of writing or redecorating your office.

On September 22, calculating Pluto turns direct (forward) in Capricorn, your sixth house of work and organization. Since April 16, you may have faced behind-the-scenes drama or under-the-radar power struggles with a boss, assistant or coworker. Some of these issues could have stemmed from your own unwillingness to take a stand. You may have felt trapped in a subservient role or dynamic, unable to find your voice or authority. With Pluto direct, you will have an easier time standing your ground and not getting locked in to a battle of wills. You need to respect protocol to a certain point, but you don’t need to be micromanaged, or saddled with doing too many jobs for one person.

Motivated by money? From September 24-November 12, you could be extra driven to fill your coffers, as ambitious Mars roves through Virgo, your second house of stability and prosperity. Your friends may be wondering why you can't make happy hour—but they will just have to understand that you’re extremely focused on getting ahead, building a nest egg or paying off debts. Creating a budget could also help put you on monetary terra firma. Since Mars can add stress, money could be in short supply, but that actually motivates you now. There could also be tension with co-workers, who may see you as cutthroat or out for yourself. Pay their judgments no mind, but don't forget that there are living, breathing human beings around you who have their own stress and ambition, too. Your obsession could cloud your vision—and sensitivity gauge.

During the first week of Mars’ foray into Virgo, it forms a tricky square to restrictive Saturn in your fifth house of self-expression. You can't paint your next masterpiece or delve into that super-cool rebranding idea if you don't have the basics covered first. And just because your work mojo is in full effect doesn't mean that others will necessarily feel as strongly about your ideas as you do. You could meet some resistance around a creative idea. This is normal with Mars—who likes to rush, clashing with Saturn—who tends to delay. There IS a solution here, Leo, but you need to first find your patience. Don't make hasty or rash moves unless you want to deal with Saturn's real-life consequences. It's not so much a case of senseless "push me-pull you" here, but more about proper timing.

On September 27, a powerful total lunar eclipse in Aries puts a spotlight on your need for growth. You could see an exciting development around horizon-broadening plans that have been brewing, especially over the last six months. Maybe you'll finally roll the dice on an exciting start-up idea, or perhaps you can branch out to an overseas role within your company. A person from another background or culture could spark great inspiration—or even be a fabulous partner, as your differences give you a strong sense of vitality. One of your endeavors could even receive some exciting press, as publishing falls under the ninth house's domain. This is a great time to get in touch with your higher self—are you fulfilling your life's mission here? If not, you could get a cosmic kick in the pants to get to work. Down the line, this could result in a career or life change, but for now, you are emboldened to explore the possibilities, possibly even by going back to school. Find your highest purpose, Leo! For inspiration, we love Gregg Levoy's Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion