Love & Relationships:

Ooh la la! On September 1, the cosmic lovers—Venus and Mars—make a rare meetup in Leo, giving your whole aura serious sizzle. You’ve got the "It" factor, and don’t think people will miss it! This Mars-Venus meetup in your assertive first house helps you clearly express your desires, sweetly but boldly. Coupled Lions may have an easier time advocating for their own needs, especially if you've felt drained by a demanding or needy partner. This is the second of 2015’s three meet-ups between magnetic Venus and sultry Mars—but it’s the only one in your sign. Since Venus is retrograde (backward) this go-round, you could revert to an old "look"—maybe a Molly Ringwald pageboy was your attractive jam for a while—a jam it's time to revisit! Or, you could also find that an old lover comes crawling back. But do you want 'em? With all this glamorous power at your well-manicured fingertips, the choice is entirely yours.

On September 6, Venus, planet of love, turns direct (forward) after a challenging six-week retrograde cycle. Ever since July 25, you may have been reliving the past—either entertaining a former flame or just dealing with old issues that haven't been fully healed. You probably had to stand up for yourself, but hopefully without too much drama or damage. Now that graceful and alluring Venus is direct, your head-turner status will be uninterrupted. With Venus in Leo until October 8 and sultry Mars in your sign until September 24, you’ve got the cosmic green light to captivate potential suitors. Take full advantage!

On September 17, serious Saturn enters Sagittarius, your fifth house of romance, lust and joie de vivre—bringing some potentially hard truths to the amorous front. Until December 2017, the cosmos is giving you quite the education—especially if you thought you had the seduction game down pat. Coupled Leos could hit some roadblocks in a partnership—maybe one or both of you are dealing with heavy issues, such as depression, or just too much responsibility. If there's something in your union that you've let slide—even though it personally offends you—it’s time to address this. No more letting that sometimes-lover waltz in and out of your life, acting blase about the whole thing. Saturn won't let you play that game anymore. On the upside, this can be a great time for solidifying commitments or upgrading your standards. If your current amour can’t rise to the challenge, you'll be making room for something better! Expect a healthy dose of reality under Saturn’s spell—while it may not be all hearts and flowers, this mature perspective can be grounding, and ultimately liberating. Solo Leos might see a dry spell in dating—but know that it’s a temporary nudge from Saturn to push past any fears of rejection. It’s time to build true confidence so that “rejection” doesn’t wound you to the core. Pay your dues, and maybe even work with a love coach or matchmaker if you're serious about finding true love. Both solo and coupled Lions could have dampened sexual mojo. If that happens, be more regimented about nurturing your most sensual self, maybe by signing up for a regular pole dancing class or breathing your way to tantric bliss (and higher consciousness) with Kundalini yoga.

Countering some of Saturn's seriousness, red-hot Mars enters Virgo, your second house of self-worth, from September 24-November 12. Get ready for a confidence boost. If a mate or date doesn’t treat you like gold, you will have no problem calling them out—fast and with flair. You crave stability and want to know where you stand—and you’ll have no problem being direct about that. Just make sure your take-charge energy doesn’t turn tyrannical during the last week of September: With assertive Mars forming a tight square to restrictive Saturn, you may need to slow your roll, even as you're intent on building security. What you think is proof or a guarantee (i.e., a ring on your finger), may be the wrong measurement. Is your partner willing to meet you halfway on important issues? That’s a much better guideline. A romantic partner could across as lukewarm, or maybe you're feeling pressured to move into "official" terrain before YOU'RE ready. Remember, If it’s meant to be, it will be.