Money & Career:

Embrace the power of prioritizing and a solid routine: With the Sun in Virgo, your second house of healthy habits, you are able to see just how grounding a regular schedule can be. Gym, work, mediation? Check! With the change-making Virgo solar eclipse on September 13 and expansive Jupiter in Virgo for the next 12 months, you’re ready to increase your overall sense of stability. If going for a swim first thing in the morning makes you feel like gold, you're not likely to skip it. Aim for workouts and nutritional choices that feel pleasurable AND decadent, too, as the second house rules the senses. An aromatherapy massage, perhaps?

Obsession alert! On September 9, communicator Mercury in Virgo forms a dicey square to deep-digging Pluto in Capricorn, your sixth house of analysis-paralysis. You could find yourself ruminating over one little thing…to the point of insanity. You deserve peace, Leo, so this could actually be a good thing, forcing you to change your thinking around a singular issue. If you can't actually channel your fixations into positive action, they will turn destructive. Who needs that? Gain control of your “monkey mind” by putting on a low-key, soothing mediation. That ought to do it!

You could find your right, healthy path as transformational Pluto moves direct (forward) on September 22 after a five-month retrograde backspin that started on April 16. Since then, you may have struggled with old health symptoms or issues, or maybe you just weren't on track with proper eating and regular workouts. Chances are, there was something deeper at work. Maybe you were rolling over a heavier emotional issue in your mind, or just stressing about whether or not you are capable of handling life's basic tasks. Any tension ran deep—and maybe even showed up as a physical symptom. If you dealt with any health breakdowns during Pluto's backspin, you can probably reflect now and see its emotional or spiritual root. All the introspection can pay off now, as you take steps to integrate mind-body-spirit wellness. This could be a wonderful time to try a holistic healing approach, such as acupuncture, a medical intuitive healer or energy work. Pluto rules self-healing, so be sure not to put any practitioner up on a pedestal, or make the mistake of thinking you need them for your own survival. True regeneration comes from within.

Love Days: 19, 24
Money Days: 2, 13
Luck Days: 27, 9
Off Days: 7, 21, 26