Money & Career:

Are you ready for a whole new direction? You may not know what that path is yet, Libra, but you’re sensing its pull. Maybe it’s time for a gap year, to pursue that yoga teacher certification or to flex your time and finish recording your demo. This month, the Sun is in Virgo, your twelfth house of endings, transitions and the imagination, until September 23. Nothing unusual…except that it’s powered by expansive Jupiter, which is in Virgo from August 11, 2015 until September 9, 2016—along with a change-making September 13 Virgo solar eclipse. It’s unusual that this part of your chart would be so energized all at once. Both Jupiter and the solar eclipse are nudging you (and not so gently!) toward bold new frontiers. But since they fall in your twelfth house of endings, you may have to let go of the past in order to start a new chapter.

Still, the action could move swiftly, since eclipses tend to bring changes out of the blue. A dead-end job or client could be “eclipsed” out of your life, making way for something new and inspiring. Clinging to the past is futile, Libra—the universe has something MUCH better in store for you! Since the twelfth house rules hidden agendas and illusions, a shady character or scheming person’s true colors could be revealed. Listen to your intuition about people and offers—if something seems too good to be true, or you sense a shoddy plan, back out of it.

Is it time to share your creativity with the masses? Jupiter rules global communication, publishing, higher education and travel. While it visits Virgo for the next year, you might seek more training or publicity for your novel ideas. Maybe you de-stress with a painting or sculpture class, start selling your wares on Etsy, or get certified in a healing art. A viral video series could help spread your message, too.

Boosting your on-camera mojo, magnetic Venus and go-getter Mars spend time in Leo, your eleventh house of technology and teamwork. These two charismatic planets will make an exact alignment on September 1, a great day for sharing a humanitarian or innovative message, or for getting involved in a world-changing collaboration—especially one with a social component. (Tickets to a charity benefit or a concert for a cause, perhaps?) You may decide to formally join a networking group where you can meet progressive thinkers or people whose skills dovetail nicely with yours. You could assemble quite the dream team, Libra! Since Venus is retrograde until September 6, you may even do a project involving friends or colleagues from your past. If group dynamics have been dicey over the last six weeks (Venus has been retrograde since July 25), harmony will be restored by the second week of September. Venus remains here until October 8 and Mars until September 24. Perhaps you’ll take on some freelance assignments that allow you to flex your time or pursue other interests on the side.

Money matters lighten up significantly on September 17, when restrictive Saturn ends its three-year run through Scorpio, your second house of work and finances. Since October 2012, Saturn has been teaching you tough but invaluable lessons about budgeting, saving, spending and self-discipline. You may have learned to “live more with less” or felt saddled by material excess (a new sensation for your zodiac sign, which is notorious for having Shiny Object Syndrome!).

Now, you graduate from Saturn’s training camp and move into much lighter times. Between now and December 2017, Saturn will be in Sagittarius, at an easy sextile (60-degree angle) to your Sun. It will visit your third house of communication, a great time to establish yourself as a writer, teacher or public speaker. Learning is highlighted, so you might go back to school or enroll in skill-building courses to establish your expertise in a niche. You may get involved in your neighborhood’s commerce or policy-making, since the third house rules local action. (Does "Mayor Libra" have a ring to it?) Overall, it’s time to present yourself with more authority, including in your speaking style. Media training, a Toastmasters group or formal coaching can help you hone your message and delivery. If you’re an egregious social media poster, you may become more thoughtful about what you put out there under mature Saturn’s watch. One less gratuitous selfie or frivolous Snapchat story could help you cultivate the art of mystery to your advantage!

Speaking of communication, expressive Mercury turns retrograde (backward) in Libra from September 17 until October 9. All the more reason to go easy on the posting and sharing—you’re likely to be misunderstood now. Fly under the radar and go back to a personal project. Do some behind-the-scenes work on a personal project or goal. You can make your grand debut at the October 12 Libra new moon—keep your nose to the grindstone until then!

An exciting partnership opportunity could crop up at the September 27 total lunar eclipse in Aries, your seventh house of commitments and contracts. To be honest, it’s not the greatest timing for this, since Mercury retrograde can be an unfavorable time to play “let’s make a deal.” But since eclipses propel the action forward at warp speed, you may find yourself being rushed into a strategic alliance or pressured to give an answer quickly. You can never be too careful during Mercury retrograde, so do whatever you can to slow down the process—or at least, get legal counsel on any documents before you sign. You certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime, but you still want to set yourself up for a powerful long-term win.

This eclipse could also spell the end of an alliance if one has run its course. Perhaps you’ll be negotiating an exit deal or even hearing news of a colleague’s surprising departure. An eclipse in this interpersonal sector can certainly reshuffle the decks, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. These people are clearing the space for some new and fascinating players to enter the scene. If a developing deal fizzles out, count yourself lucky, because soon enough, you’ll see that you were spared trouble down the line. There may be a bit of chaos at the end of the month, so just be still while the dust settles and it will all make sense shortly.