Love & Relationships:

Friends into lovers? Your inner circle could be a rich resource for your love life this month, Libra. And if you’re happily coupled, mingling with your crew might be just the perfect lighthearted antidote to any recent heaviness in your love life. With the love planets Venus and Mars doing time in Leo, your eleventh house of group activity, meeting someone through mutual friends is a definite possibility. You could even click with a longtime member of your crew—or, since the eleventh house rules technology, you could have surprising luck online. Venus and Mars will make a rare conjunction (meetup) in Leo on September 1, so the month could already begin with a heady, romantic start…one that could ignite while you’re right in your element—mingling, chit-chatting and working the room.

The amorous outlook gets MUCH better after September 6, when Venus turns direct (forward). Your ruling planet has been retrograde (backward) since July 25—a tough six-week cycle that happens every 18 months and can throw the world into a romantic tailspin. When the love goddess hangs her “No Vacancy” sign like this, issues get magnified or come out of the woodwork. Harmony takes a backseat and old baggage resurfaces, demanding to be addressed. Sometimes, Venus retrograde helps us hash out and solve these problems for good. Other times, it reveals irreconcilable differences or painful realities we’ve overlooked. In pop culture headlines, your Libra signmate Gwen Stefani announced she was divorcing from Scorpio Gavin Rossdale during this Venus retrograde.

From the second week of September onward, the skies clear up. Venus will remain in this light and social zone of your chart until October 8, and sexy Mars lingers in Leo through September 24. Take full advantage: Ask your friends to introduce you to their eligible friends. Book tickets to a live show or a stadium event for you and your bae. A lighter, more playful approach to love will serve you best now.

September 8 could bring a surprising moment for love, when lusty Mars forms a golden trine to spontaneous Uranus in your relationship house. Things could get serious—and official—pretty quickly! You could meet someone out of the blue or feel sudden chemistry with a friend. With both Uranus and Mars highlighting technology, don’t turn your nose up at Tinder (or heck, even LinkedIn) as a way of meeting someone special. These two feisty planets could also inspire an honest and super-direct conversation about the future. Speak up and share your needs, desires and honest concerns, Libra. The floor is open today—and your authenticity could create a major breakthrough in a relationship or your sex life. If you’re crafting an online dating profile, inject personality and edge to make yourself stand out.

The fantasy factor could heat up from September 24-November 12, when lusty Mars slips into Virgo, your twelfth house of soulmates, healing and escape. If your relationship is on terra firma, this is a great time to slip away behind closed doors for some private and passionate reconnecting. Truth be told, you will be feeling this urge for soul-to-soul connection for quite some time, because expansive Jupiter is spending the next year in Virgo, and this soul-stirring zone of your chart. The September 13 Virgo solar eclipse could also bring a soulmate into your life, perhaps out of the blue. It could also pave the path for a true (or deepened) spiritual connection in the coming months. Get ready to let down your guard, show your vulnerable side and surrender to the power of love! Although Libras are more amenable to this than many other signs, human beings are control freaks by nature—call it our survival instinct. Between now and September 2016, you’re working through some deep and complex feelings, stripping away layers that no longer serve you. The waters of the emotion ocean are gonna get deep! However, many people meet their “twin flames” or even have a karmic pregnancy when Jupiter visits the mystical twelfth house. Let the universe reveal your path to love through serendipities and strong intuitive hits.

The cosmic action in your subconscious twelfth house DOES come with a warning label, though. The twelfth house rules hidden agendas, illusion and deception, so hand out trust with the utmost caution and pre-screening. You could be swept away by a troubled person or someone who gives mixed messages. The charms of a player could fool you, or you may even find you have traits of a love addiction. If you’re caught up hoping that someone will sweep you off your feet, save you from yourself or solve your problems for you, it’s an indication that you might be heading in that direction! Libra, love doesn’t mean handing your power over to another person, even if you let them into your heart. You may get some tough lessons during the last week of September when Mars in this hazy part of your chart forms a tense square to harsh Saturn, giving you a stark reality check. The big message: People aren’t mind readers, not even a longtime love. If you want something, communicate directly instead of hoping that the other person will figure it out. With expressive Mercury retrograde in Libra from September 17-October 9, the odds of a misunderstanding are sky-high, so take the time to spell out expectations and desires clearly—and leave all assumptions behind!

More eye-opening moments occur during the last week of month. On September 27, a total lunar eclipse lands in Aries, your relationship house, bringing a wakeup call or even a changing of the romantic guard. Eclipses sweep in and reshuffle business as usual, and this full moon event can mark a major turning point in your love life. If you’ve been on the fence about a potential paramour, prepare for an enlightening hit of clarity. For couples on shaky ground, this eclipse could draw the line in the sand: You’re either in or you’re out. It’s certainly time to say “no more!” if you’ve been putting up with shoddy treatment and sketchy behavior. And if you’ve been burying your head in the sand about someone’s cheating or deception, you might get unpleasant news that you can no longer deny. Even if the eclipse brings a temporary shakeup, the issue needs to come out into the open already, so you can either heal it or move on.

Even rock-solid couples might have to deal with a big change of circumstances together, teaming up to face a crisis or start a new life chapter. Perhaps one of you lost your job, changed careers, or dealt with a personal setback. A pregnancy, a relocation or just a new phase of life (such as an empty nest) might call for a change in your shared lifestyle. Maybe things have gotten lopsided—one of you is handling the lion’s share of moneymaking, while the other is keeping the home fires burning, for instance—and it feels off-balance. Is it time for a state of the union with your sweetie? If you’ve been suppressing your needs in the relationship, you won’t be able to hold your tongue at this eclipse. A blowout fight or clearing of the air could certainly be on tap. Just know that eclipses can suspend your sense of reality and judgment, making you feel downright disoriented. So if you’re responding to some hazy feeling or an unconfirmed rumor, take a pause. You might even consciously spend a little time apart near this eclipse to prevent doing or saying something you regret.