Health & Happiness:

Take a break, Libra! With planets circulating through Virgo and your restful twelfth house all month, this is no time to push yourself past your limits. The Sun is in this healing and downshifted zone until September 23, putting you in “sleep” mode. As soon as el sol departs, energizer Mars enters Virgo, visiting from September 24-November 12. You may feel like you just can’t fill your tanks, but instead of fighting it, embrace this flowy time. It’s time to focus on endings, unprocessed emotions and clearing your psychic decks. Your subconscious is activated, and you might even do your best work while sleeping—your dreams can be vivid and rich with symbolism. Journaling, meditation and photography can all aid your efforts to keep calm and carry on.

There’s a long-term aspect to this process, too, since expansive Jupiter is now in Virgo until September 2016. The next year is all about deep-diving into your psyche and spirituality, shedding old psychological baggage and doing some deep forgiveness work. Give yourself time and consider working with a therapist or healer, going on a retreat or getting professional support. If you’re dealing with an addiction or breaking an unhealthy pattern (such as codependence), this is a great time to tackle it head-on.

Family matters could improve after September 22, when transformational Pluto turns direct (forward) after a five-month retrograde spin through Capricorn, your domestic fourth house. If you’ve had power struggles with a relative (particularly female), Pluto’s course correction could improve your dynamic. However, you may have a tense moment on September 9, when Pluto forms a tough square to communicator Mercury in Libra. If your living situation has been uncertain, you could settle more into a sense of home after September 22, too.

The last week of September can be a bit fraught as aggravator Mars squares off with heavy-handed Saturn in your mental third house. Your thoughts could be gloomy or pessimistic, disrupting your sleep. If you find yourself tossing and turning, pick up your journal or vent to a compassionate person. You may be carrying too much of other people’s baggage or worrying unnecessarily about things you can’t control. You might even go on a “media cleanse” and detox yourself from reading those panic-inducing headlines and breaking news stories. While it’s important to stay informed about world events and social causes, it shouldn’t happen at the expense of your wellbeing.

You may struggle to express yourself to someone, or feel wildly misunderstood, especially since Mercury is retrograde in Libra from September 17-October 9. Don’t force it—the picture may come together slowly and in its own time. Do some free-writing, doodling or listen to guided meditations to unblock your thoughts. If you discover that a person has betrayed your trust, you may decide to cut ties, especially at the September 27 lunar eclipse. Libra, you are under no obligation to keep poisonous and destructive people in your life.

Love Days: 24, 27
Money Days:7, 17
Luck Days: 5, 15
Off Days: 13, 2