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Hello everyone!....................Please help us to raise money for the interracial and mixed race community advancement and the development of which is specifically for people who’re either interested in interracial relationships, or who are themselves mixed race. MPi is currently an online magazine, but our objective is to launch a printed version of the magazine for its target market.

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We started because of an urgent need for information and news material on the interracial and mixed race community, as this is an important topic which is never covered by indigenous publications. Britain’s interracial and mixed race community is now the fastest growing ethnic group in the UK, and that is why it is so very important for us to develop a vibrant and friendly community magazine (and website) for our readers to use and interact with each other. is currently the only real interracial and mixed race community website (magazine) that is available for people in cross-racial/cultural who would like to date each other; discuss their problems and issues with others; keep abreast of what’s happening within the community; and keep abreast of the news and events specifically for them. We want to make sure that the website (and magazine) reach the people who will best benefit from its continued development. was launched on a limited budget/community basis, and its successful development can only be driven with an injection of immediate funds. That is why we desperately need your help to raise money for the upgrading and development of, and for the launch of a printed version of MPi. MPi has been extremely influential in supporting the community with their personal issues; regularly publish news and features on important issues; and even given voice to many complaints and difficulties that are politically sensitive for the community. And in addition to everything mentioned above, we would also like to provide insightful initiatives and social innovations for the growing number of people who are being drawn towards an interracial (or mixed) relationship status. But now, we urgently need your help if we’re going to turn this into a reality!

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What We Need  

We are looking to raise a total of £60,000 to pay for the ‘next’ twelve months of website redesign and development, and for the publication of a regular printed magazine. £10,000 of that amount is required for the website redesign, updating, development and promotion, and the remaining £50,000 is required for the design/publication/marketing/office and staff. And although there is a chance of securing some small advertisement revenues for the website, it will barely cover our costs for the above mentioned requirements. The above situation has restricted our development from a small community based website and magazine to a more international publication and network, which is our long term objective. And in order to make sure that we achieve our stated objectives, we will need to employ regular staff who can help the website to develop and expand.

How you can help

We are asking you to help by making a contribution (on the right hand side) to our MPi funding appeal. You can give as little or as much as you would like, although we would recommend a donation of no less than £50 per person. And as a little thank you, everyone who donates will receive a twelve (12) months subscription to the printed magazine. You will also be given the opportunity to post your own Blog for one week, and the opportunity to upload a personal advertisement onto the website for a nominal amount. So, we would like to THANK YOU in advance for helping us! And whatever amount you can give us, will go a long way towards helping the website and printed magazine to develop and succeed.

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Some FAQs

You can get advertisement revenues from the website in, so why do you need to raise money through crowd funding?

The revenues we are likely to receive from advertisement sales will be extremely small. Since we launched we have struggled to cover our basic costs. But we strongly believe that with the assistance of crowd funding, we will be able to turn www.meltingpotinternational.cominto an extremely successful website and printed magazine. So, in order to grow the magazine and make it sustainable, we can’t rely on advertisement revenues alone.

How will the money actually be spent?

The money raised will be spent to pay for the ‘next’ twelve months of redesign, updating and development of the website. It will also be used to publish a printed version of MPi, with sales and distribution through the news trade. This will also help our development from a small community based magazine to an international publication, which is our long term objective. So, once you discount the crowd funding fees, raising £60,000 will enable us to achieve the above objectives.    

What happens when the money runs out?

As with the financing of most community projects, we’ve got to manage whatever monies we’re lucky enough to receive by tightly structuring our development and cash flow. Having found ourselves in the position of previously having to chase each penny, we will endeavour to ensure that such situations do not continue. Successfully securing £60,000 will mean that we’ll be able to focus on building a more sustainable model so that we can keep delivering a professional and important international publication, without having to look for additional funding.

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Additional ways that you can help

Although we are aware that not everybody will be able to help us financially, there will be a number of other ways that you can help. For example, you can help us also by promoting www.meltingpotinternational.comfor us on social media, and help us to spread the word on other websites. Additionally, you can purchase a number of items which will be made available from time to time; the opportunity to post your own Blog on the website; the opportunity to load a personal advertisement onto the website; and support a number of worthy available www.meltingpotinternational.comprojects through sponsorship.

◙   £50 GBP
      Post an appropriate interracial Video onto the website!

You can post your very own interracial Video on a subject of your choice (providing that it’s either interracial, mixed race, or multicultural) for thousands of users of the website to see for one month. www.meltingpotinternational.comwill provide you with the opportunity to produce an appropriate Video for thousands of MPi readers.         

◙   £50 GBP
     Write your own Blog post

Whether it’s about your interest in interracial or mixed race issues, a social cause close to your heart, or even a ‘rant’ about some social or political issue. Well, now you can write your very own Blog post on a subject of your choice for thousands of readers online at        

◙   £360 GBP
      Post an advertisement Commercial onto the website!

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You can post your very own advertisement ‘commercial’ onto the website for thousands of users to see for a period of one month. www.meltingpotinternational.comwill provide you with the opportunity to advertise and market your product/service to thousands of interracial or mixed race readers. The usual rate for a commercial on the website is £180 per week (minimum 4 weeks totalling £720), but as a special concession to those who support us, we are giving a 50% discount on the rate – hence £360.