Cameron is wrong on interracial adoption

“The most valuable resource of any ethnic group is its children. Nevertheless, black children are being taken from black families by the process of the law, and is being placed into white families as a solution to the adoption problem. It is, in essence, ‘internal colonialism’ and a new form of the slave trade, but only black children are used.” These words were given in evidence to a House of Commons select committee, by the Association of Black Social Workers and Allied Professionals.

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Black children spend longer in care than whites, report says

Black and mixed race children remain longer in local authority care than white children as fewer people are coming forward to adopt BME children, according to a recent report. If more people from interracial, African and African-Caribbean backgrounds don’t come forward in much bigger numbers to adopt then looked after children will remain in care until they are 18, the report says. A number of seminars have been organised during the past couple of months for anyone interested in learning more about the adoption and fostering process.

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Couple banned from adopting because husband used e-cigarette

A couple has been barred from adopting after the would-be father was seen smoking an e-cigarette. The decision to disqualify the couple came even after they’d passed a series of very rigorous tests set out to qualify them as parents. They had earlier paid for expensive fertility treatment which had failed, so the applied to adopt but were told that they couldn’t adopt because they’d used an e-cigarette in the past 12 months.

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