Racists attack Will Smith for film of interracial love

Racists attack Will Smith over new interracial film

The vile racists of the Internet are up in arms over the new movie ‘Focus,’ which features stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie. While the white vs. black debate continues to divide and alter life as we know it, another far more insidious colour war is raging in America. Racists are outraged over the interracial coupling in the movie between Will Smith and his Australian co-star, Margot Robbie.

The onetime Men in Black and Independence Day star is in the R-rated romantic caper as a charismatic con artist who welcomes Robbie’s femme fatale-in-training to his operation and falls for her - against his better judgment. It’s a rare sensual role for Smith, who gets steamy with Robbie in a few sex scenes that are actually conservatively shot and disappointingly brief. But boy does their onscreen love affair have racists’ panties in a twist.

Unfortunately, a number of very negative comments (like the ones below) have skyrocketed this month ahead of Focus’s theatrical release, sparking a wave of counter-commentators who has jumped to defend Smith and interracial representation in movies. These are just a few of the comments which has been uploaded to YouTube:

“Anyone getting fed up with all this race mixing being shoved down our throats?” wrote YouTube user, Shomanoman, on a trailer page for Focus.

“YUCK, race-mixing trash propaganda by Hollyjewed again,” declared Kriegen Gegen Das System, managing to squeeze in a shot at Tinseltown’s Jewish population while they were at it.

Contrary to Shomanoman’s claim, rampant “race mixing” is still conspicuously non-existent in Hollywood, where skin tones have to match if love or sex is in the cards for two characters. Just look to Smith’s own filmography: In his two decades as a bona fide leading man, he’s never before gotten down with a white woman onscreen. When he almost did in the 2005 romantic comedy, Hitch, opposite would-be co-star Cameron Diaz, she was quickly recast. Eva Mendes got the gig, and Smith blamed Hollywood.

Even before he was a movie star, Smith addressed the flip side of interracial controversy on the second season of his TV sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In the 1991 episode ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Marry?’ Will’s aunt Janice introduces the family to her fiancé, a white man, upsetting Will’s mother so much she refuses to attend the wedding. The family is taken aback but, for the sake of the children, have the decency to temper the way they discuss their initial prejudice.