Khama’s Royal mixed marriage to become film

Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams at a political function

The film director, Amma Asante, is set to direct the ‘Selma’ star, David Oyelowo, and ‘Gone Girl’ Oscar nominee, Rosamund Pike, in an upcoming period drama about the famous black-white Royal marriage that created a diplomatic scandal.

Set in British-colonized Africa, ‘A United Kingdom’ is based on the life of real-life personage, Seretse Khama, who was a member of the local Royal family and eventually the first president of Botswana. His marriage in 1948 to a British white woman caused international outrage, including opposition from South Africa.

Because of the apartheid system in South Africa, where interracial marriages were banned, Khama was treated quite severely. And both in keeping with the political feelings of the time, and their support for South Africa, Great Britain exiled him from his homeland in 1951, for nothing more than his choice in a spouse.

“Amma and Rosamund are two of the most exciting talents working in film today,” commented Oyelowo, who will also produce. “I’ve worked with both of them before and so my excitement about them joining ‘A United Kingdom’ stems from a knowledge of just how inspiring they are to work with and how much daring and beauty they will bring to this epic love story.”