Monthly Overview:

Suit up, Sagittarius—you’re moving into the big leagues! This month marks a huge turning point for you, as two outer planets settle into new sectors of your chart for an extended stay. Your ruling planet Jupiter is starting its first full month in Virgo, your tenth house of career, fame and leadership, visiting until September 9, 2016. The tenth house sits at the very top of the chart, and lucky Jupiter here could bring your most triumphant professional era in over a decade! (Its last visit was from August 2003-September 2004.) Jupiter first entered Virgo on August 11, and with the Sun also in Virgo until September 23, things are really heating up this month!

The other celestial headliner is serious Saturn: On September 17, the planet of structure will move into Sagittarius until December 19, 2017. Slow-moving Saturn only visits each zodiac sign every 28-30 years, and its last full visit to Sagittarius was from 1985-88. You already got a taste of Saturn’s presence during its brief visit from December 23, 2014 until June 14, 2015—so look back to the first half of this year for clues of what’s coming around again.

Saturn is the planet of discipline and maturity, and it’s here to shape your personal goals and gifts into concrete form. The world is ready to take you a LOT more seriously, Sagittarius. That news is both exciting AND daunting, because it will also require new levels of integrity, accountability and personal responsibility on your behalf. Can you commit to that, even if it means temporarily sacrificing some freedom and spontaneity? The reward could be long-lasting security and recognition for your work—but it won’t come without paying some dues. Taskmaster Saturn is like the Barry's Bootcamp of the zodiac, kicking your butt to make you stronger. Just remember this: You’re laying the foundation for a new 28-year life cycle over the next two years. It will take time and daily effort to create this base, so be patient with yourself and the process. Neither Rome nor Sagittarius 2.0 was built in a day!

What’s most unusual about this Jupiter-Saturn era is that they are playing in each other’s celestial sandboxes at the same time. Each planet is visiting a part of the chart that the other planet rules. Saturn is the natural ruler of the tenth house, where Jupiter is hanging out until next September. Meanwhile, Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, where Saturn is paying a two-year visit. (We know—you probably had to read that a couple times to absorb it!) Think of it like an astrological episode of Wife Swap, with expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn trading identities to learn from each other’s strengths. The combined energy could be pretty amazing, because the visionary ideas of Jupiter/Sagittarius will benefit from the structure, staying power and long-term planning of Saturn/the tenth house. This is how empires are built, Sag! Just how WILL you rock that laurel wreath?

Fueling the action, September features two game-changing eclipses, including one in Virgo and your career sector (more on that shortly) and the second one in Aries, your passionate and creative fifth house. It’s a bustling month in the cosmos: Mercury will also go retrograde—while the currently retrograde Venus and Pluto end their reverse commutes and resume direct (forward) motion! Whiplash, anyone? Much of this activity is consolidated in the second half of the month, so get ready, Sag—you won’t have a laid-back entry into fall!

Eclipse season kicks off on September 13, when a Virgo partial solar (new moon) eclipse lands in your tenth house of ambition and success. This is the first Virgo eclipse in a two-year series falling on the Virgo/Pisces axis, which began at the March 20 Pisces new moon. Between now and 2017, these eclipses will give an extreme makeover to your tenth house of career (Virgo) and your domestic fourth house (Pisces). Since eclipses sweep in and create radical change, your work-life balance will evolve significantly in the next couple years. Both your home and your career will be hotspots and hubs of personal growth! Eclipses shake up the status quo, so you could move, buy or sell a home, change jobs or be promoted to a prominent role. Since this is the first of three Virgo eclipses that will fall in your career house, think of it as Act One, planting the seeds of what will blossom over the next couple years.

While change is definitely in the air, you also have some unfinished business to handle. That reminder comes courtesy of Mercury turning retrograde (backward) in Libra, your eleventh house of teamwork and technology, from September 17 until October 9. Yes, the very same day that Saturn enters Sagittarius, Mercury reverses course—a double warning to look before you leap. Put any risky business on ice until mid-October. Retrogrades are ideal for researching and strengthening your ideas, so conduct your due diligence. Mercury retrograde can also cause SNAFUs with travel, technology and communication, and since it’s in this group-oriented zone of your chart, you could experience crossed wires with friends, colleagues and collaborators alike. Watch where you aim your Archer’s arrows of truth, too, as your honesty could strike a sensitive spot and nearly burn a bridge. Delay any online launches and delete those incendiary social media posts. If you even THINK something could be taken the wrong way, do NOT press “publish.”

On September 23, the Sun joins Mercury in Libra, ramping up the social butterfly vibes. Retrograde or not, you’ll be invited to your fair share of parties and networking events now, so be on your best behavior. If you’re developing any online or tech-based ventures, you’d be wise to use this period to beta-test, then plan your big launch for after October 9. The same rule of thumb applies to any parties you’re hosting or splashy events you’re envisioning (perhaps a charity benefit, since the eleventh house rules social causes). Plan, confirm and prepare…then let the good times roll from October 10 onward. Since retrogrades can bring back the past, the first part of Libra season could include joyous reunions with old friends—or maybe an unexpected run-in with a frenemy (shudder!).

The month closes with a second eclipse on September 27. This one is a turbo-charged total lunar (full moon) eclipse in Aries, your fifth house of passion, romance and creativity. This is the second-to-the-last eclipse in a series on the Aries/Libra axis that began in October 2013, revolutionizing your inner circle AND your love life. You’ve been learning important lessons about balancing between head and heart—when to go full-throttle with the passionate self-expression and when to take a quietly objective stance.

This is the third and final Aries lunar eclipse (the others were in October 2013 and October 2014)—the grand finale of some eye-opening lessons around love and self-expression. Eclipses always deliver a surprising twist, but this one could bring a mind-blowing romantic encounter, fame (get ready for your closeup!) or a huge emotional clearing. What have you been holding back? Ready or not, it’s coming out today. An unplanned pregnancy (or news of one) is also possible, since the fifth house rules fertility. Prepare accordingly! If you’re an artist or performer, this could be a crowning moment to be “discovered,” when the gallery or record label contacts you, for example. Put the finishing touches on that demo or media reel—the spotlight is coming, ready or not!