Money & Career:

Making a ten-year plan, are we? While visionary Sagittarians love to dream, most find the actual planning process to be mind-numbingly dull…if not excruciatingly painful. But not anymore! A new era has arrived, with your ruler Jupiter now firmly ensconced in Virgo and your tenth house of long-term agendas and structure. You might actually be thrilled to map out where you’d like to be in say, 2020, and work backward from there, pinpointing milestones and creating an action plan. Yes, your inner project manager has awakened from a 12-year hibernation, and you are ready to take OVER, Sag. The next 12 months could bring your luckiest or most expansive professional era since 2004, so plot your moves wisely.

This month, the Sun is also in Virgo and your ambitious tenth house until September 23, making you a centaur on a mission. Your sturdy shoulders may be piled with projects and responsibilities, but with Saturn and Jupiter in your corner, you’re up for the task. Just choose discerningly, because you’ll want to take on work that helps you build credibility, create a name for yourself and rise through the ranks.

On September 13, the groundbreaking Virgo solar eclipse ushers in major developments—ones that could either happen immediately or unfold in the coming two years (this is the first Virgo eclipse in a series occurring through 2017). Whatever pace your professional revolution takes, big changes are afoot for you! Perhaps you’ll relocate for work, take a more “corporate” job (the tenth house rules traditional hierarchy and big business) or become the boss yourself. The eclipse could also bring a new boss or management, some changing of the guard. Is it time to shop around? Jupiter in Virgo’s influence will only make the offers more exciting. Since Jupiter rules higher education, you might return to school for training and certification, positioning yourself for a higher-tier gig (and pay rate). With planets in your status-conscious tenth house, credentials count now—whether that’s an advanced degree or a solid body of experience.

Many Sagittarians are entrepreneurs, so if you own a business, this is an era of major opportunity. The catch is that you’ll need to follow more of a structure than you typically would for the next couple years. If your version of entrepreneurship equals “working in sleepwear until noon,” trade those PJs for a power suit. It’s time to work smarter, not harder, and to find capable people to fill the roles that you’ve outgrown. You may want to use the Eisenhower Box as your secret weapon—a simple productivity tool created by U.S. President (and Libra) Dwight Eisenhower. It’s a four-part grid you can use to divide tasks into Urgent, Important, Both or Neither. Your time is precious and limited, Sag, and it’s time to start using it in the best way possible!

Meantime, structured Saturn starts its two-year trek through Sagittarius on September 17, effectively doubling this go-getter energy. With Saturn here through December 19, 2017, you may be starting from scratch in some part of your life, working your way up through the ranks one steady step at a time. Saturn rules authority figures, mentors and bosses. A seasoned industry veteran could take you under his/her wing. You may experience some real growing pains as you move from your current status to the next level of greatness, but with dedication and hard work, you’ll soar. Polishing up your image may be a key piece of your professional ascent, as both Saturn and Jupiter’s positions favor a more serious, streamlined look. Invest in a few high-end pieces that go the distance, and gradually build a collection in your closet.

Maybe it’s your attitude, not your wardrobe, that needs an upgrade: No longer can you get away with those off-color jokes and snarky comments, Sag…especially the ones borne of a deep (and unnecessary!) insecurity. If you view yourself as the disenfranchised underling, it’s time to change those limiting beliefs and reposition yourself as a power player. The disgruntled, chip-on-the-shoulder thing is REALLY not working for you now. We’re not saying you have to start acting like an obnoxious, entitled “one-percenter.” Just own your greatness and carry yourself confidently!

Warning: There could be a few bumpy patches in your inner circle this month. On September 9, communicator Mercury in your teamwork sector will clash with controlling Pluto in your money and work zone. Budget constraints or power plays from the higher-ups could tamp down enthusiasm around a shared project. You may also need to confront a bully or a bad apple who’s been poisoning morale. But make sure YOU'RE not the one being the naysayer, Sagittarius. You may also confront a deep-seated fear that you don’t “belong” in a prestigious group. Instead of feeding that mental monster, remind yourself that you’re a breath of fresh air amidst the stuffiness: Your colorful personality is an asset, not a detriment, Archer. Aim high, and you will strike your mark!

And DO aim to keep it that way, Sag. From September 17-October 9, Mercury will be retrograde (backward) in your eleventh house of collaborations and teams. Group dynamics could get dicey, and disagreements could flare, throwing the whole agenda off course. Reaching consensus could be like herding cats now—and equally frustrating. Since Mercury and the eleventh house both rule technology, avoid buying new gadgets, updating operating systems and making any changes to your virtual systems. If you must do so, back everything up to the data cloud for safekeeping. This IS a good time to refresh your online profiles, especially if, say, LinkedIn still lists a job from three years ago as your current employer. Get back in touch with people from your former network—and don’t be surprised if you hear from an old colleague out of the blue. Meet for a coffee and catch up. There could be gold—or a legit job opportunity—in ‘dem nostalgic hills!

The financial picture gets even rosier on September 22, when calculating Pluto ends a five-month retrograde in Capricorn, your work and money sector. Deep-seated fears about security may have reared up since mid-April. Perhaps you had to confront old patterns, such as scarcity thinking rooted in your childhood. You may have had subtle but persistent power struggles with a coworker or boss, or just felt weird vibes around the office. Pluto’s retrograde DID give you a chance to clear some mental and emotional cobwebs, and to stop giving away your power. This will get easier now, as Pluto resumes direct (forward) motion. Yay! This could also reboot a stalled opportunity to move into the elite ranks, increase your income or discuss a promotion.

On September 24, go-getter Mars joins the empire-building party, as it moves into Virgo until November 12, energizing your tenth house of fame and success. Your career will heat up big-time during this cycle, and work could get demanding. A plum project or client could land in your lap, and you won’t have much time to prepare before springing into action.

Exciting as this professional whirlwind may be, take care: Mars can add stress with its speedy pace. Deadlines and tempers could run short (and with racy Mars here, so could hemlines, for that matter—so keep the office attire appropriate!). Mercury retrograde is already ramping up the tension, so pace yourself and manage people’s expectations so you don’t snap. Mars will also form a tense square to structured Saturn on September 25 (which can be felt for about a week). You may feel pushed to get ahead or to meet deadlines at all costs, strategic plans be damned. Your attempt to pull the brakes may fail, but if you sense disaster looming, speak up. Rushing could only spell careless mistakes that you have to go back and correct, a waste of time and energy. However, if powering through a tight turnaround means you nail a prestigious account or a lucrative deal—then give it the full-court press. Warrior Mars wants you to rise to the challenge with a competitive spirit!

Here’s a little perspective: Mars only comes to this part of your chart every couple years (its last visit to Virgo was in October 2013). This is your chance to strike while the iron is hot. Remind yourself that this is a brief window, especially when you’re tempted to Photoshop your boss’s head onto Satan’s body or to quit right before the finish line. Roll up your sleeves and you could benefit for years to come.