Love & Relationships:

So, where is this relationship going? Believe it or not, Sagittarius, you could be the one trying to lock down a guarantee this month, rather than wriggling out of it! You’re perfectly capable of monogamy and commitment, of course, but you also love your freedom. The zodiac’s traveler was born with a wandering eye, even if your heart doesn’t stray. But now, you’re shifting to a more dedicated M.O. With the Sun, Jupiter and a solar eclipse all falling in Virgo, your tenth house of long-term plans, September finds you open to creating a future together, rather than just living in the moment. Jupiter is progressing through Virgo over the next year, so at the very least, you’re starting to head in this direction.

Fear not, sultry Sag, there will be plenty of romantic “carpe diem” moments this month, too: On September 1, the two love planets, Venus and Mars, make their second of 2015’s three meetups. This time they align in Leo, your ninth house of travel, adventure and cross-cultural connections. Get ready to say “I love you” (or “I want you”) in whatever language necessary! Seductive Venus and lusty Mars stoke your desire for encounters far beyond your comfort zone—so if you DO have a “type,” don’t cleave to it. Since the ninth house rules vacations, coupled Sags should make every effort to book a sexy getaway—or at least, indulge in a spicy staycation. Keep the spirit of discovery and flirtatious fun alive.

The fly in the ointment? Venus is still retrograde (backward) until September 6, so your passionate plans may not go off without a hitch. Venus reversed gears on July 25, and this six-week cycle may have challenged even the strongest unions. Any cracks in your foundation demand repair when Venus turns retrograde (which happens every 18 months). With Venus reversing in your outspoken ninth house, you may have had some bracingly honest conversations, holding nothing back when speaking your mind. Did you clear the air…or clear the decks? Venus going rogue in your freedom-loving ninth house could also have put some players in your path. Single Sags may have encountered one too many flaky or immature prospects (fly away to Neverland, Peter Pan), or maybe everyone just started to seem the same, as happened to this woman after a deep dive into “dating app culture”.

Once the retrograde ends, you can make up for lost time, booking tickets for a steamy getaway, or right-swiping those intriguing prospects without worrying that they’ll be nothing like their profiles. (They won’t be—but they could actually be better.) Venus will remain in Leo until October 8, and Mars until September 24, which could spice up your early fall with some fun adventures. Single? Go ahead and sow your oats if the opportunity presents itself. One particularly blazing day is September 9, when Mars forms a supportive trine to electrifying Uranus in your fifth house of passion. Uranus brings surprises, and as it teams up with red-hot Mars, you could find yourself, limbs intertwined, with…what’s their name again?

When Mars moves into Virgo and your commitment-minded tenth house from September 24-November 12, you’re ready to get serious. You may also feel the pressure to do so—from your S.O. or your family. You could find yourself attracted to a coworker, since the tenth house rules career, or maybe sparks could fly with someone you meet over passed hors d’oeuvres. Power dynamics can turn you on; you might connect with someone older and more established…or younger and less experienced (oh, to be worshipped by an adoring protege cub!).

The biggest day for love this month arrives on September 27, when the Aries total lunar eclipse blasts into your fifth house of passion and fertility. This is the last of three clarifying annual eclipses here, so by now you should REALLY be in touch with your desires. And if you’re not, someone could come along and show you the way. Your emotions could come out in full Technicolor expression under this lusty full moon, as you’re charged up with fierce confidence and intent on being completely adored. Get ready for the dam to burst, Sagittarius—and for some possible dramatic moments. An unexpected pregnancy or a sudden, searing connection could be part of the eclipse’s surprise deliveries.

Lunar eclipses swiftly clear away what no longer serves us, or bring out-of-the-blue change. Maybe you’ve had enough with someone’s wishy-washy behavior. If they’re just never “sure” about you, maybe it’s time to show ’em the door. What’s NOT to love about you, Sag? Refuse to accept this devaluing treatment. If a lover is “eclipsed” out of your life, thank the universe for the memories, lessons and possible bedpost notches—and trust that someone better is coming. On the flipside, a fling or friendship could turn into a real deal relationship. Maybe you never thought of this person as “lifemate” material, but the stars could indicate otherwise. Keep an open mind!