Health & Happiness:

Structure is the name of your game, Sagittarius, as the Sun, expansive Jupiter and a September 13 solar eclipse all cruise through Virgo, energizing your regimented tenth house. You may surprise yourself by eschewing your indulgent ways and planning your meals, rising for early workouts and signing up for sessions with a trainer.

Last month, Jupiter wrapped a 13-month tour of your decadent ninth house, and you may be paying the price for all that revelry. During this cycle, which happens every 12 years, people tend to put on extra weight from enjoying the good life. Nothing wrong with that, Sagittarius—but now that a disciplined new era has arrived, you could actually start craving clean eats, smaller portions and a fit lifestyle. Talk about a 180! (Alas, carrying a piled-up plate from buffet to table doesn’t count as strength training, no matter how hefty your serving.) When go-getter Mars moves into Virgo from September 24-November 12, you’re more motivated than you've been in months to dive into a regular fitness practice. Boot camp, SoulCycle, boxing, squash, Ashtanga—you want something hard-driving and even competitive now.

On September 17, streamlined Saturn moves into Sagittarius for two years. This further amps your desire to cut the excess. You’ll never give up your epicurean pleasures—your sign is ruled by Jupiter, mythological god of the feast, after all. But don’t be surprised if you genuinely crave consistency, routine and physically challenging workouts. You’ll also get plenty creative in the kitchen with farmer’s market fare, fresh-caught fish or legumes—as a worldly Sagittarius, you could have a blast adding spices from all over the globe. Saturn rules aging, and you may take some formal efforts to turn back time over the next couple years—or to embrace its passages, rocking those stray grays or swapping your contact lenses for funky frames that give you a more “distinguished” look.

Saturn’s move into Sagittarius also means it’s departing Scorpio, your twelfth house of rest, healing and the subconscious, after a three-year visit. This heavy, emotional era couldn’t end a moment too soon for you, Archer. (Buh-bye—don't let the door hit you…) To be fair, there were plenty of benefits: You’ve developed emotional and spiritual depth, sharpened your intuition and learned how to “be” with yourself. You may also have discovered who your real friends are, as hidden enemies fall under this domain, and Saturn brought harsh wakeup calls for overly trusting Archers. The twelfth house rules solitude and sacrifice, and you may have done a lot of behind-the-scenes work, perhaps living off the grid or being a caretaker (e.g., to a young child, an aging relative or a sick person). The waters have run deep, but now it’s time to break the surface and rejoin the plugged-in world again.

You’re ready for it, Sag, but pace yourself. During the last week of September, cautious Saturn and reckless Mars will have a squabble, forming a tense square. While Mars could inspire you to dive into a hardcore workout regimen, Saturn slams the brakes. For example, maybe you should get a doctor’s signoff before you start a physically strenuous exercise plan, especially if you’ve been sedentary. Saturn rules the bones, joints and alignment, so be careful not to overdo it because you could end up with an injury. This would be the perfect time to get a chiropractic adjustment or some bodywork and chart your progress. You might also feel daunted about keeping up at the gym, or about any body-related goals you set. Forget comparing yourself to other people, just forget it; and drop the unrealistic standards. Slow and steady progress is the way to go—and be sure to cheer every milestone and victory you reach!

Love Days: 27, 5
Money Days: 13, 21
Luck Days: 9, 19
Off Days: 2, 7, 17