Monthly Overview:

Paging your high-vibe tribe! The Sun is in Virgo, your eleventh house of groups, collaboration and networking, until September 23. Come out of that Scorpio cocoon—you’re in the mood to socialize and collaborate now! This also marks expansive Jupiter's first full month in Virgo since it entered this community-driven domain of your chart on August 11 (and staying here until September 2016). Over the next year, your life expands through teamwork, social justice work and cooperative ventures. For your private sign, this newfound sense of belonging could have a healing effect, especially if your work is linked to a humanitarian or visionary cause. But feel free to kick up your heels for celebration’s sake alone—appreciating that life is reason enough for revelry.

Overall, September is a bustling month, with two game-changing eclipses (a Virgo solar eclipse, and an Aries lunar eclipse). Communication maven Mercury goes retrograde (backward), while harmonious Venus and intense Pluto (your ruler) correct course and end their reverse commutes. Restrictive Saturn will also change positions and settle into Sagittarius for the next two years, exiting Scorpio after a three-year tour of your zodiac sign. Now that’s really something to celebrate!

The action really starts after September 13, with the first of September’s two eclipses—this one is a partial solar (new moon) eclipse in Virgo, your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. It’s also the first Virgo eclipse in a series on the Pisces/Virgo axis that began this March 20 and runs through 2017. This eclipse series touches down in the fifth and eleventh houses of your chart—the sectors of bold self-expression and cool-headed collaboration—revamping your approach to romance, friendship, creativity and networking. You’re learning vital lessons about drama and detachment, when to use your head versus your heart (or the perfect balance of both). Your fame and popularity could also spike over the next couple years, so get ready to shed some of those uber-private Scorpio ways. At the groundbreaking Virgo eclipse mid-September, you could become part of a whole new tribe or start using digital/social media tools to spread the word about your creative projects. An opportunity to join forces could open unexpected doors. Be your authentic, quirky self—and don’t compromise your vision just to fit in.

How about monetizing one of those unusual ideas, Scorpio? Your finances are about to get a long-term upgrade this month and over the next two years. On September 17, taskmaster Saturn moves into Sagittarius, your second house of work and income, where it will stay until December 19, 2017. Although you may have to pay some dues to get there, structured Saturn will help you build a more solid foundation around spending, earning and saving. On December 23, 2014, serious Saturn moved into Sagittarius for the first time since 1988, giving you a strong taste of what is needed in the belt-tightening arena, and the first half of 2015 may have been strong in this theme.

The best part about this news? It means Saturn is exiting Scorpio after three years of hosting the heavyweight planet in your sign. Saturn first entered Scorpio in October 2012, kicking off a whole new 28-year life cycle. You may have reinvented yourself or some aspect of your life from the ground up. This journey hasn't been easy, and may have included some losses and challenges that really tested your limits. Saturn is like a personal trainer, pushing you past your limits so you mature, grow and evolve in permanent ways. There was definitely some hard work involved in the process—but at last, the finish line is in sight!

Saturn left your sign on December 23, 2014, but on June 14, it backed into Scorpio for a brief final visit—and one last round of important lessons for your sign. Once Saturn departs Scorpio on September 17, it won’t be back until 2041—whew! Now that restrictive Saturn is settling into Sagittarius, those final growing pains are over, and you can turn your attention to creating more fiscal stability—spurred, in part, by all the soul-searching you had to do over these last few years. If you aren't doing work you totally love, Saturn will help you find a more sustainable situation—but it won't happen overnight. Expect to plot and plan every inch of the process, or to follow a strict budget and work schedule. It may feel painstaking at times, but it will be worth it. If you can be responsible—paying off bills and increasing your income—Saturn will reward your efforts.

Also on September 17, thoughtful Mercury turns retrograde (backward) in Libra, your twelfth house of the subconscious and healing, until October 9. For this three-week stretch, you could be excessively preoccupied with your own feelings—are there buried resentments that need to be dealt with? Or maybe you're still holding on to a toxic person or situation. Whatever the case, you're being shown where you need to let go. You could ruminate on the past, but you must do it for a higher purpose: to clear the decks so you can ultimately move on. Since Mercury retrograde can foil technology, communication and travel, take precaution in these areas. Be precise with your words, messages and instructions. With Mercury in this deceptive zone, don’t take other people’s words at face value. Check the facts and confirm that you understood people correctly before proceeding. A dynamic but difficult person from your past could resurface. Be careful about getting entangled, especially if they show up with a sob story or in crisis yet again.

On September 22, powerful Pluto turns direct (forward) in Capricorn, your third house of the mind, helping ease some obsessive thoughts that may have plagued you over the last five months. Ever since Pluto went retrograde (backward) mid-April, you may have been intensely focused on solving a puzzle that just didn't make sense. Your tunnel vision could have also caused some misunderstandings—sort of like Mercury retrograde on steroids. Your usually spot-on people instincts may have been way off at times, as you misread verbal and body language cues. If your suspicions got the best of you, it will be easier to see the truth now. Any complicated relations with a sibling or friend could also improve now.

On September 23, the Sun joins Mercury in Libra, your twelfth house of closure, helping you tie up loose ends before your birthday season arrives. Spend more time solo—you'll need it to sift and sort your emotional baggage. While there is still Mercury retrograde to contend with, the Sun in this healing part of your chart—plus the direct turn of your ruler Pluto—will help you feel more confident that you’re on the right path, even if you can't quite see the outcome yet.

The month ends with even more change, as an Aries total lunar (full moon) eclipse highlights your sixth house of efficiency and organization on September 27. This is the last Aries eclipse in a three-part annual series that began in October 2013, and it’s helped you get your life running more smoothly. This time, a workplace reorganization could come to a conclusion, or maybe you hire a new assistant or service provider who finally meets your needs. Eclipses often herald unexpected events and changes, so don't be surprised if a coworker exits suddenly or your right-hand person gives notice. Whatever happens, it's all for your personal betterment—Team Scorpio needs to be 100 percent solid, and this full moon eclipse will get you closer to that goal. Health-wise, you may find that a hidden issue comes to light under this illuminating eclipse. If you feel even the slightest bit “off,” get checked out by a doctor, if only to ease your own mind. If in the off chance there is something amiss, you can deal with it directly. Remember: You cannot heal what you're not aware of, Scorpio. Welcome all eclipse-driven messages with gratitude—they are getting you back on a vital track!