Money & Career:

Freshen up that LinkedIn profile and print up a stack of business cards: This month brings the Sun, fortuitous Jupiter and a September 13 partial solar eclipse in Virgo—your eleventh house of networking. You’re a meet-and-greet machine, Scorpio, so work it! All month, you could be extra busy with collaborations and schmooze-y social engagements. Technology might also figure in to the equation—perhaps you're inspired to launch a new web-based venture, to post a viral video or to up your social media game. Scorpios can be uber-private and don't tend to think of themselves as "joiners," but you may become more active on comment boards or with leading a group, or you might link up with a member-based network. For the next couple years it really IS about whom you know, so nurture connections and align yourself with thought leaders and avant-garde groups, especially ones that are making a difference in society.

You’re on a mission this month, one way or another: Until September 24, go-getter Mars is in Leo, your tenth house of ambition and accomplishment—making you extra fiery when it comes to professional success. Mars has been here since August 8, keeping you extra-busy with deadlines and projects. Maybe you even felt a little TOO busy, since impatient Mars can add pressure and shorten deadlines. And with harmonious Venus retrograde in your career house from July 31-September 6, there could have been friction, if not outright tension, with authority figures, clients and coworkers. Venus will turn direct (forward) on September 6, remaining in Leo until October 8. With Mars here until the 24th, you’ll want to take full advantage of this extra career mojo.

On September 1, energetic Mars and charming Venus will form an exact conjunction in Leo, which could bring fame, a promotion or extra clout in your career. It's a great day for hobnobbing and hitting industry events, with social Venus giving you extra magnetism. Your capable aura may even attract some power brokers, so don’t hold back. Since Venus retrograde could bring back old colleagues, you could reconnect socially with a former boss or mentor—a reunion that could lead to an exciting new project, job offer or account.

September 8 could bring an incredible breakthrough, as Mars forms a supportive trine to revolutionary Uranus in Aries, your sixth house of efficiency. This is the only Mars-Uranus trine in 2015, so when change comes a-knocking, throw that door wide open. Perhaps you discover a technological innovation that revamps how you do business. This could also be the day when you shatter the glass ceiling, or have a mega "a-ha" moment about your own authority. You may also uncover an ingenious fix to what seemed like an intractable problem—and this applies to the basic systems in your office, as well as to issues with management, clients or bosses. Maybe you didn't see this development coming, but that doesn't mean you can't run with it. Success!

Just pace yourself, Scorpio, because on September 9, a tricky Mercury-Pluto square could muddle your thinking. Are you looking at this situation correctly, or are you over-thinking and even catastrophizing? You could also be overwhelmed by too much granular information—so take the time to digest everything before acting or reaching any conclusions. A colleague or coworker could act in a passive-aggressive manner today, or even seem to undermine you. Don’t react on these suspicions today, but do watch your back and hold your cards a little closer to your vest.

Once communicator Mercury turns retrograde (backward) in Libra, your twelfth house of closure, on September 17, you have a chance to reflect on the changing landscape around you—and, most importantly, how any limiting beliefs or deep-seated fears might be affecting you. Until October 9, the retrograde action will help you gain some clarity: Are you doing exactly what you want to be doing? Have you been unaware of a grudge that you're holding toward a coworker? And can you let it go? Use this period to revisit old and unfinished projects—there might be a real gem you've dismissed or forgotten about. And stay far, far away from the rumor mill. Don't go there, Scorpio! Mercury retrograde can spread misinformation like wildfire, and the last thing you need is any office gossip being traced back to you (especially via a damning email chain).

Also on September 17, serious Saturn exits Scorpio, your first house of self and identity, and enters Sagittarius, your second house of work, money and security, staying until December 2017. These last three years have been arduous, as you've completely reinvented yourself under Saturn in Scorpio’s stern tutelage, which began in October 2012. Now, Saturn asks a parting question: What will you build on your new personal foundation? How will you monetize your mission? It's time to get the nuts and bolts of Scorpio 2.0 in working order! Take your time, craft a slow and steady plan, and your budding ideas can get off the ground. Ditch the pipe dreams and get-rich-quick schemes, though. Saturn demands hard work and dedication, no cutting corners allowed. If you’re unhappy in your current job, or you’re overworking and under-earning, the next two years are prime time to build new skills and position yourself for a higher income tier. Stability and consistency are your keywords—and your ultimate goal.

Although Mercury retrograde can create misunderstandings in the second half of the month, your interactions improve on September 22, when deep-digging Pluto turns direct (forward) in Capricorn, your third house of communication, after a five-month backspin. Since mid-April, you may have wondered why, for example, people were backing away when you made simple requests, like asking for another copy of the report. Your nonverbal cues and body language may have misfired. What you assumed were cheery suggestions may have come across as demands. Or, you may have dealt with a domineering coworker who made everyone walk on eggshells. Now, any power struggles start to clear up. People have a better sense of where you're coming from (and vice-versa), and find your words more powerful than intimidating.

Your social commitments heat up on September 24, when motivated Mars enters Virgo, your eleventh house of networking, until November 12. Not only are you in high demand as a team player and collaborator, but you're also seeking out new means of connection. Find like-minded souls with whom who can further a greater mission. Under Mars’ combative influence, a team project could turn stressful. Take the helm and remind everyone why you're all even in the same room together! Getting in touch with your shared vision will smooth over the rough spots AND get your group all fired up for success.

Caution: On September 25 (and the week following), Mars forms a constricting square to serious Saturn in your second house of work and money. Since Mars tends to rush, and Saturn slows things down, you could be in store for some astrological whiplash. Don't force your own agenda, especially with a coworker or teammate. Watch out for a desire to keep up with the Joneses—don't let someone's illustrious-looking Instagram feed send you into an envy spiral because you can't afford a whirlwind trip to St. Tropez at the drop of a hat. Or maybe you're struggling with an internal issue—a challenge to your self-esteem that you're not good enough to hang with the “cool kids.” There's always a method to Saturn's madness, though. Do the hard work around building your own confidence, instead of trying too hard to be in with the in crowd!