Love & Relationships:

o, where is this thing going? On September 1, you could be future-focused in love, thanks to magnetic Venus meeting up with sultry Mars in Leo, your tenth house of long-term plans. This is the second of 2015’s three conjunctions between the zodiac's cosmic lovers, so take full advantage. With assertive Mars and beguiling Venus joining forces, you’re like an iron fist in a velvet glove. If you need to have a serious talk about love, you’ll be compassionate but firm. This could be a really exciting day to discuss the future and make solid plans for your personal "happily ever after." Solo Scorpios might meet someone through work, since the tenth house rules professional activities. (Time to glam it up for that industry cocktail hour?) You could cross paths with a more established person—someone who is ready to stop playing the field and commit. Since the tenth house rules older people, you could be attracted to someone with quite a few years on you, or, conversely, to someone who’s several years your junior. Spoken-for Scorpios could have a crowning "power couple" moment, where you shine as a dynamic and capable duo!

Keep in mind that enchanting Venus is still retrograde (backward) in Leo until September 6, when it wraps up a challenging six-week backspin that began on July 25. Over the summer, coupled Scorpios may have clashed over future plans, or felt pressured about long-term commitments. With stressful Mars also in Leo from August 8-September 24, the intensity may have risen through the proverbial roof. Perhaps work demands cut into your love pursuits or quality couple time. An unrealistic fantasy about someone you had hoisted on a pedestal could have plagued you. The retrograde may have also sparked a reunion with an ex—and if you two still weren't in sync, maybe it helped put those longings to bed once and for all. Since the tenth house rules fathers, some old "daddy issues" likely reared up in your love life, too. Were you rebelling against your buried ideas of what a partnership should be, or reacting to what a male/father figure did (or didn’t) do? With Venus retrograde, these woes may have seeped into your love life.

Thankfully, harmonious Venus sails forward in Leo on September 6, remaining here until October 8. Now that the retrograde is over, you can resume peaceful negotiations about what your version of "forever" looks like. Talking about the future feels sweet and romantic now, instead of fraught and unnecessarily complicated. Drama, begone! Boundaries are governed by the tenth house, so with Venus direct here, it may be time to set limits with an ex who can’t take “no” for an answer. Maybe you need to be firm with yourself about letting go—if the door is closed, let it stay that way.

However, communicator Mercury will go retrograde (backward) in your twelfth house of fantasy, healing and closure from September 17-October 9, so there may still be a few burning embers to either kindle—or extinguish. This isn't the best time to make set-in-stone commitments, but you can use it to review and revise how you want to be in your entire life, love included. Remember that you are ultimately responsible for your own happiness. Only you can free yourself from a prison of your own making! Maybe there are lessons to learn, or sacrifices to make. But more than anything, maybe it’s time to leave painful memories in the past. Process them, perhaps with a therapist, so you can be free.

Your outlook brightens on September 24, when sexy Mars enters Virgo, your eleventh house of friendship and light-hearted fun, until November 12. During this period, you may have luck meeting someone through a platonic connection—or maybe things go from friendly to flirty in five seconds flat. Mars in this independent zone of your chart brings out your free-spirited side, as you explore more of the world solo, even if you're in a committed relationship. Having adventures on your own can only make your time together all the more exciting—you’ll have so much to share. Just take it slow during the first week of the transit, as Mars will be squaring cautious Saturn in your second house of security. Pursuing a new love interest too heavily—or demanding your freedom in a way that destabilizes a connection—could throw your hard-won security right out the window.