Health & Happiness:

Team up for success! With the Sun and expansive Jupiter in Virgo, your eleventh house of group activity, your fitness regimen should be fun and community-oriented. Grab a friend to do regular workouts and keep yourself accountable. You may also want to exercise for a cause, like raising funds for cancer research with Team in Training ( Since the eleventh house rules technology, you may boost your motivation by using an app, streaming a workout video or investing in a wearable fitness tracker.

Driven Mars is in Leo, your tenth house of discipline, until September 24. You could get extra pumped by a lofty goal—one that really makes you sweat, like lifting weights, high intensity interval training, or running a half marathon. Hire a trainer or join a CrossFit group if you want to really push yourself. A boot camp mentality can feel great and help you burn your excess physical energy.

Your determination to get on top of your health and fitness could yield a breakthrough on September 8, when Mars forms a supportive trine to innovative Uranus in Aries, your sixth house of wellness. If you’ve been struggling with motivation, you could finally defeat your inertia and get your healthy habits back on track. A radical approach may appeal, too—something far more stringent than a two-day juice cleanse. Is it time to give up gluten/dairy/sugar completely? This is a once-a-year alignment, so take full advantage to try something more intense, as long as it’s not a fad or crash diet.

On September 9, mental Mercury in your twelfth house of the subconscious forms a tough square to controlling Pluto in Capricorn, your cerebral third house. Painful memories could surface—and they are appearing so that you can heal them, once and for all. Take time to process anything difficult and to clear a mental or emotional block. Sibling rivalry issues could arise or a conversation can trigger old wounds.

You'll definitely have a chance to process this emotional gunk from September 17-October 9, as communicator Mercury turns retrograde (backward) in Libra and your twelfth house of closure. Allow the old memories to float to the surface. Take a Buddhist approach of non-attachment. This is time to forgive yourself and others, to unhinge yourself from a bad situation. Whose fault it was is irrelevant—there is a larger spiritual lesson to be mined. During this period, you could also suffer from mental exhaustion—it's been too much! Pour your angst into a creative outlet or a journaling practice. Non-verbal means of expression, such as dance, music or photography, might help you tap into your subconscious—and your higher wisdom. If you really struggle, seek out a meditative practice. Soothing background music could help you zone out, too..

Simple practices can soon be your guiding light. Also on September 17, serious Saturn moves into Sagittarius, your second house of healthy habits, staying through December 2017. With the taskmaster planet here for two more years, it's time to get serious about your workouts and nutrition. Think of things like yoga and hitting the gym as an essential part of your hygiene—as normal as brushing your teeth. A regular schedule will help you feel centered. Cut the excess and give your priorities top billing—build your life around the things that anchor you, rather than frantically putting out fires.

The month ends on a big note for your health, as the total Aries lunar eclipse shakes up your sixth house of wellness on September 27. If you have been just skating by—not going to the doctor regularly or using an ergonomically-sound work station, for example—you may see a need for a drastic intervention. Seeds planted last spring now come to full bloom—so if you set fitness goals then or began a new workout practice, expect to reap the results now. If a health issue comes to light, thank the cosmos—it's helping you heal on profound levels. You need to be a warrior for your own wellbeing, Scorpio—no one is going to drink the kale juice or stop the negative thought loops for you! Watch out for a tendency to be overly self-critical, and remind yourself that peace really can be in every step, as this classic book by Thich Nhat Hanh so beautifully illustrates. In it, he talks about how the little things—like washing dishes—can be restorative. The little things are everything now.

Love Days: 26, 2
Money Days: 9, 19
Luck Days: 7, 17
Off Days: 27, 5, 15