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Interracial or inter-cultural marriages are when two people from different racial or cultural groups get married. The racial/cultural rituals and ceremonies are divided and incorporated into one wedding which can also be called a fusion wedding. Interracial weddings are unique in their own special way due to the different aspects of each type of background, culture, and/or religion of the participants. When one wedding holds two cultures there are so many interesting details and ceremonies that come together.

In many countries interracial marriages were illegal and were looked down upon in various cultures. Women who chose to marry someone outside of their religion were banned from getting married, particularly in countries such as Germany, South Africa, and the Arab Nations. But today, fusion weddings and interracial marriages are seen as normal, just with a small twist. They are generally exciting and very common in melting pot countries like the United States, England, and Canada.

Two racial groups coming together can make for a beautiful wedding. Fusion weddings include all religious types such as Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Greek Orthodox, Sikh, and many more. And interracial weddings have been seen as a new and vibrant trend within the United States. Statistics show that one out of seven weddings are now fusion weddings. 

There are many different types of fusion weddings where black and white, or Jewish and Hindu are just an example. These weddings bring out each special quality that the bride and the groom’s ethnicity holds. It is also a great way for the family to be able to learn and accept each other’s different religions and traditions while celebrating the special day of their loved ones.

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