Health & Happiness:

Bon appetit, Taurus! Your sign rarely needs an excuse to indulge, and you have hedonistic carte blanche as the month begins, with the Sun and abundant Jupiter in Virgo, your decadent fifth house. Don’t beat yourself up over extra helpings or for polishing off a bottle of vino with friends at dinner. Live a little (or a lot)! Come late September, you’ll be inspired to get back on the fitness wagon when the Sun marches into Libra and your uber-healthy sixth house, starting with the Sun on September 23. While you might not launch your efforts full-throttle until Mercury ends its retrograde (which runs from September 17-October 9), you can start planning. Research or try out new gyms/studios (and bonus points for ones that are aesthetically pleasing). Clear your cupboards of the processed junk and expired snacks. Toss out those old vitamins and the two-year-old canister of protein powder and research replacements whose expiration dates have YET to arrive!

Be extra careful to guard against germs while Mercury is retrograde. You could definitely be susceptible to stress-related health issues and late-summer colds. If you get weird doctor results, go back for a do-over or second opinion (a friend of ours was once misdiagnosed with a venereal disease during Mercury retrograde in her sixth house—eek!). Cut the high-pressure stuff and simplify your schedule. Decluttering can also give you major peace of mind.

Break on through to the other side? On September 8, vitality-inducing Mars in Leo, your foundational fourth house, forms a supportive trine to revolutionary Uranus in Aries, your twelfth house of surrender. If you’ve been struggling with an old emotional issue or an addiction, you could find significant and lasting change in the blink of an eye. Miracles occur when you surrender and let go! There could be a surprising but important change-up on the home front today, too. Maybe you’ll suddenly move to your dream house or discover you’re pregnant. (If you're looking to expand your family, you may consider adoption or IVF, since Uranus rules cutting-edge technology.) You could also feel so open that you make a surprising gesture of forgiveness. It’s olive branch time, Taurus. An elderly person, a child or a female relative could be involved in any changes during this trine. Your generosity will be best expressed in a maternal way—and you could find yourself with a storehouse of Mother Teresa-grade compassion.

Has your faith been shaken recently? On September 22, intense Pluto goes forward (direct) in Capricorn, your ninth house of expansion and personal growth, after a five-month retrograde (backward) period. While things might have felt dark at times, you now have renewed faith and optimism. Even getting through a period of disillusionment can make you stronger in the long run. The saying “Not all who wander are lost” now holds true, as you can continue your seeking path, but with more purpose and focused direction. Stay true to your hunches—that’s your higher self that's talking to you.

Time to clear the decks? September 27 brings an Aries total lunar (full moon) eclipse in your twelfth house of healing and surrender, sweeping out the old and outworn, making room for the new. This is the last in an eclipse series that began back in October 2013, helping you bring all kinds of subconscious sludge to the surface. If you've been dealing with your demons, that's what the stars have ordered. If your demons got the best of you, that was your cosmic cue to DO something about it, surrendering to support and healing.

As the eclipse takes this last pass through your twelfth house of the subconscious and psychic phenomenon, you could have wild dreams and/or synchronicities. Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly aware of a past event that needs deep (and sudden) healing. Of course, if you slip out of reality with denial or fantasy—which could be admittedly appealing—you’ll miss a great opportunity to get in touch with the natural rhythms of life and the universe. Sometimes, you have to let things go in order to start fresh.

Uncanny coincidences could arise to help you grapple with all of these internal shifts, or even with a loss. This eclipse could bring a message from "the other side" that seems too coincidental to ignore. As much as "spirit animals" have become a social media cliche, you might find that creatures—like butterflies and birds—remind you just how natural it is to change and evolve. With grace and acceptance, you can start anew. Underneath the tumult, there’s something beautiful happening. You probably already feel it, Taurus, so allow the process to unfold.

Love Days: 13, 17
Money Days: 5, 24
Luck Days: 2, 21
Off Days: 27, 15, 19