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This website is subordinate to the printed publication of the publisher of Melting Pot International (MPi) and shall be referred to hereinafter as “The MPi website” or simply “the website”. This site is available for your personal use and your entry and usage of the website is subject to these terms and conditions of usage and the laws of the United Kingdom. Also, your access and entry to the website shall be considered an unconditional approval to these usage terms, whether or not you are a registered user. This approval shall be effective from the date of your first usage of the website.

Any adjustment to these terms and conditions shall be effective as soon as it is announced, unless otherwise indicated. Your continued use of the website after the announcement of any adjustment shall mean your unequivocal acceptance of said adjustment.

The terms and conditions of usage include a section specific to the privacy policy and intellectual property rights.

Usage Restrictions:

By using The MPi website, you agree to abstain from providing, uploading or copying content, material, data, photos or other information not owned by yourself or for which you do not own a license.

Using this website in any manner in order to send a commercial e-mail or other type of spam mail, or abusing The MPi website in any similar fashion.

Providing or uploading files onto this website that contain viruses or damaged data.

Publishing, advertising, or distributing any material or information that damage reputation or violate laws, or any pornographic or indecent material, or material that is contrary to public morals, or any illegal data or information through The MPi website.

Participating through The MPi website in illegitimate or illegal activities.

Advertising on The MPi website any product or services that places us in violation of any law or regulation implemented in any field.

Using any method, program, or procedure to obstruct or attempt to obstruct the proper functioning of The MPi website.

Undertaking any procedure that imposes an unreasonable or large burden inappropriately on the website’s infrastructure.

Adherence to the rules, laws, and implementing regulations in effect within and outside the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Using links to The MPi website:

You need to submit a specific application, and obtain the approval of Phoenix Santiago Publishing's administration, the publisher of MPi, prior to the creation of electronic links to this website or the presentation of any of its contents, or taking part in any similar activities.

Phoenix Santiago Publishing's administration reserves the right to impose any conditions upon permission of establishing any electronic link to this website and any contents thereof, or presenting this website or any of its contents.

Phoenix Santiago Publishing's administration reserves the right to suspend and obstruct in any fashion whatsoever any connection with any website that contains inappropriate content, or material that is explicit, offensive, indecent, pornographic, unacceptable or illegal, and any names, material or information that violates any law, intellectual property rights, privacy rights or the rights of promotion.

Phoenix Santiago Publishing's administration reserves the right to hinder any undeclared connection in any manner whatsoever, and shall not bear any responsibility for the content of any other website through which this website can be accessed, or that can be accessed by this website as well.

With the exception of the aforementioned, it is strictly prohibited to transfer copy or create electronic links with The MPi website or any of the contents thereof.

Links from The MPi website:

Links shall be provided to portals and /or other websites for ease of access for you. We are not responsible for the contents or credibility of the portals and/or the websites we link to, and do not certify their contents. Usage of links to access those websites or portals shall take place under your responsibility entirely.

We aim to replace disconnected electronic links with other websites, yet we cannot guarantee that these links will work continuously.

Protection from viruses:

The MPi administration undertakes extensive efforts to examine and test the contents of this website through all phases of production. We advise you to continuously operate anti-virus software on all material downloaded from the internet. We shall not be considered responsible for any loss or damage to your data or computer, which may take place while connecting with this site or using material from this site.

Waiver of demands:

The MPi website and the services, information, material and functions available therein, or those that can be accessed through the website, are provided to you for your personal use “as is” without endorsements, promises or guarantees of any kind.

We cannot bear responsibility for any discontinuations, mistakes, or transgressions that may result from the use of this website or the contents therein or any site linked thereto, whether this usage takes place with or without our knowledge.

The user who sends any information or communications via this site shall not have the right to own them or the right to ensure their confidentiality thereof. Furthermore, any usage or interactive usage included on this site shall not guarantee and shall not be meant to guarantee the user any rights. 

Limits of responsibility:

Electronic services presented by websites to The MPi administration through the internet, and the obtaining of information about various governmental departments and entities, are provided only to facilitate manual procedures. Therefore, you fully acknowledge that communications through the internet may be subject to interference or obstruction by a third party, and that the website does not replace information provided by official parties, and that requests and administrative procedures can be taken directly before competent authorities.

Therefore, access to this website is by your own responsibility, and in no case whatsoever shall we be responsible for any loss or damage you may incur as a result of your usage or visit of the website, or as a result of your reliance on any data, opinion or advertisement on the website, or due to a delay in operation, miscommunication, problems getting onto the internet, equipment or software malfunction, or behaviours or ideas of any person entering onto this website.

Accordingly, you hereby agree that your exclusive and only means to address any damage or loss that may take place as a result of entering or using this website is abstaining from using or entering this site or discontinuing these actions of usage and entry. 


Based on the above, you consent not to take any measure against The MPi administration or any part of this administration and indemnify it from responsibility, in addition to any entities, employees or agents in charge of management, maintenance, modernisation or presentation of The MPi website, and this indemnification shall be from all obligations and responsibilities that may take place in relation to any demand resulting from any infringement on behalf of the terms and conditions of usage, or any of the laws in effect whether in the United Kingdom or your place of residence.

End of usage:

We shall be permitted, and based on our sole discretion, to terminate, restrict or suspend your right in entering the website and using it without notice and for any reason, including the infraction of the terms and conditions of usage or any other conduct that we may deem at our discretion to be illegal or harmful to others. In the case of termination, you shall not be authorised to enter this website again.  

Ownership rights:

The copyright and material in this website (including without limitation the text, computer code, artwork, photographs, images, music, audio material, video material and audio-visual material) is owned by Phoenix Santiago Publishing in the United Kingdom.

The information available on this site including the figures on information, software, photographs, designs and trademarks are protected in accordance with rights of publication and trademarks and other ownership rights.

With the exception of what may indicate otherwise, you shall not be permitted to sell, license, rent, adjust, copy, reproduce, reprint, upload, advertise, transfer, distribute, edit, or create works derived from any material or content of this website to the public or for commercial purposes, without obtaining prior written approval from The MPi administration in the United Kingdom.

It is strictly prohibited to adjust any of the website’s contents. Also, the figures and photos on this site are protected in accordance with rights of publication. These shall not be reproduced or exploited in any manner whatsoever, without the prior written consent of The MPi administration in the United Kingdom.

Judicial reference:

Based on the above, you agree to submit exclusively to the judicial authorities within the United Kingdom, in relation to all demands and disputes that result from your usage of this website.

If MPi or Phoenix Santiago Publishing discovers that you have used its copyright materials in contravention of the license above, Phoenix Santiago Publishing may bring legal proceedings against you seeking monetary damages and an injunction to stop you using those materials.

Notwithstanding what stated in this term Phoenix Santiago Publishing has the right to take the legal action, prosecution and claim, etc. against any infringement or breach in the place of infringer residence.

Privacy policy:

If you use one of the applications available on The MPi website or e-mailed us and provided us with personal data, then this data may be shared with governmental entities or other departments, in order to serve you better. Such information may also be shared with non-governmental entities authorised to perform certain services. Providing your personal information via the website of The MPi administration shall be considered prior approval on your behalf to store, process and use such information. The MPi administration reserves the right to disclose any information to competent authorities at any time if it deems necessary.

The MPi administration holds you individually responsible for the accuracy of the information you send via this website.

The MPi administration works diligently to preserve your personal data, through the ensuring of electronic storage of personal data sent using appropriate security technologies.

The MPi website contains electronic links for websites or portals that use methods to protect information and the privacy of such information which are different from the methods we use. We bear no responsibility for the contents of other sites and the ways they deal with their privacy issues.

The MPi administration shall not bear the responsibility of any incorrect data, despite the fact that entered data shall be considered correct. 

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