Money & Career:

Bring it on, cosmos! This is high season for your sign, with the Sun in Virgo until September 23, lucky Jupiter here for the next 12 months and go-getter Mars entering your sign from September 24-November 12. Throw in the groundbreaking Virgo solar eclipse on September 13, and you have never been more ready, willing and eager to turn a fresh page. The first seven months of 2015 may have brought some disappointments, unexpected curveballs or just a few transitions. Your ideas were “gestating” but possibly didn’t take any tangible form. Now, as harvest season literally arrives, you’ll be able to cash in on some of your own crops. The work you did all year was NOT in vain (and that includes inner work). Even if you just learned what you don’t want, or got clearer on your purpose through these twists and turns, it will all pay off in the end. One Virgo friend, a screenwriter, had her first movie accepted and then cancelled by a film house due to legal rights issues. This happened just before Jupiter moved into Virgo, but now that the planet of abundance is in her sign, she’s gone back to the drawing board to tackle a new project. As she put it, “Writers write.”

Ready or not, a fresh start IS coming. When Jupiter entered your sign on August 11—its first time in Virgo since 2004—you began a new 12-year life cycle. And while facing a blank canvas can be overwhelming at first, you’ll soon embrace the exciting opportunity to reinvent yourself in some way. The goal of this month is to clarify what YOU want. For service-oriented Virgos, wired to put other people’s needs first, you may struggle with feeling “selfish” about this. But a strong sense of self and a clear purpose will guide you into your next astrological decade—along with a positive new attitude and outlook. The September 13 Virgo solar eclipse could bring an opportunity out of the blue, or just a giant push forward on your path.

Although clarity is definitely returning, you may not be able to dive into new projects completely until next month. From September 17-October 9, your ruling planet Mercury will be retrograde (backward) in Libra, your second house of work and money. Things could get a little chaotic around the office, as Mercury retrograde can foil communication and technology. Triple-check your recipient list before you press “send” and avoid office politics at all costs. Mercury retrograde can be a dicey time for signing contracts, so pause before you ink any financial papers or sign on the dotted line with a service provider. An old employer or client could surface with a job offer, since retrogrades rule the past. Do you really want to go back in time? If you do, make sure the terms and pay rate fit where you are now—and that whatever had you leave the last time around isn’t still an issue.

Ready for your big payday? September 27 brings a total lunar eclipse in Aries, your eighth house of wealth and joint ventures. Get ready: A tidal wave of prosperity could flood in, since the eighth house rules large sums of cash and windfalls. Passive income, such as the kind earned from commissions, bonuses, royalties and affiliate earnings, could also be in the lineup. This eclipse could bring an opportunity to form a strategic alliance—or the sudden breakup of a business partnership. Couples and collaborators could decide to go separate ways and split up assets. If you’ve been waiting for news on a legal settlement, such as a divorce or custody matter, this eclipse could finally complete the case.