Love & Relationships:

Time to let go with love? Whether you’re ending a relationship or just surrendering some control in your current partnerships, this month’s stars help you go with the flow. To be fair, this isn’t easy for your micromanaging sign, but by now you probably realize that it’s necessary for everyone’s serenity (and sanity!). August had its rocky or downright confusing patches, because love planet Venus was retrograde (backward) all month in Leo, your twelfth house of healing, closure and hidden agendas. Perhaps a player emerged from the woodwork, or old dramas resurfaced. You may have struggled to figure out what was real and what was simply smoke and mirrors. Subconscious blocks or emotional demons may have reared up from your amorous archives, and since the retrograde gave you a front-row seat to your own “shadow” side, there was also an opportunity to heal past wounds.

On September 1, romantic Venus and sexy Mars (the love planets) meet in Leo, your twelfth house of fantasy, healing and escape. While Venus is still retrograde, its low-power pace still can’t stop the heat from rising. This is the second of this year’s three Venus-Mars conjunctions, and the effect of this rare combo can inspire wild abandon. Beware, Virgo, because you could be seriously tempted by a clandestine affair or that person you know is no good. If an old dynamic or pattern tugs at you, we recommend checking out Amir Levine’s book on attachment styles, Attached, which decodes exactly WHY it’s so hard to resist that person that your rational mind knows is no good. The bright side of this Venus-Mars meetup is that it brings a beautiful moment of vulnerability, tenderness and windswept romance. Solid couples should take advantage of this moment to reconnect and bring back that new-love feeling. But don’t worry about missing out, Virgo, because this year’s third and final Venus-Mars conjunction will fall in YOUR sign on November 2.

Venus returns to direct (forward) motion on September 6, clearing away some of the fog. However, it will remain in Leo until October 8, so you may be slogging through the weeds a little until next month, when it enters Virgo. Mars, too, stays in Leo until September 24, so you may be dealing with an ending or transition and the stress which accompanies that. Old wounds or conflicts may come up, demanding that you deal with them for once and for all. When Mars forms a revolutionizing trine to Uranus in your intimate eighth house on September 8, you could have a major emotional breakthrough, taking off the mask and getting real. This is the year’s only Mars-Uranus trine and it could shake up the status quo. A strong sexual attraction could ignite out of the blue—possibly even online, since Uranus rules technology. The alliance of innovative Uranus and rash Mars could definitely find you leaping without looking (how un-Virgo of you!), or speaking from the heart in an unfiltered way. Change is in the air!

The next day, however, your neurotic side makes a comeback, as mental Mercury and controlling Pluto get caught in a battle. Mercury in your security-seeking second house could throw you into an overanalyzing tailspin, while Pluto in your passionate fifth house finds you projecting your fears onto a romantic partner. An unexpected pregnancy or discovery could turn things inside-out for a minute. Go easy on the theatrics, Virgo, because you could be the one disrupting your stable existence by flinging accusations or getting involved with a toxic person. What do you want: an exciting high followed by a crash…or a consistent relationship that requires conscious effort to keep the fires burning?

Luckily, some of this gets easier to sort out on September 22, when Pluto ends its five-month retrograde in your romance house. You’ll be better able to separate your baggage from someone else’s, and hopefully to dial down the drama. Maybe you’ve just been blocked by a fear of trusting or letting down your guard. Pluto’s return to direct (forward) motion should help you separate fantasy from fiction.

Confusion clears up even more on September 24, when sexy Mars moves into Virgo, revving up your confidence and libido through November 12. You’ve got the "It" factor—and with boundless Jupiter also in your sign, your charisma could rocket off the charts. You won’t hold back an inch of your personality now! However, the first week of this cycle (especially on September 25) could have a few tense moments, as reckless Mars forms a tense square to cautious Saturn in your home and family zone. Domestic duties may interfere with your desire to feel fierce and free. A female friend or family member could also disapprove of your newfound confidence and self-expression. If you’re experimenting or doing something friends might consider “risky,” maybe it’s best not to solicit their opinions or talk their ears off about it. Keep some healthy boundaries up between the different parts of your personal life—unless you actually WANT someone to kill your buzz!

The dam could really burst on September 27, when the Aries total lunar (full moon) eclipse lands in your eighth house of sex, intimacy and soul-merging. Get ready for a surprising turn of events, or the quick consummation of a brewing situation. Chemistry could reach full-tilt (hello, mind-blowing sex!). You could be taken by surprise by a proposal or pregnancy news. Maybe a budding relationship turns super-serious in the blink of an eye, and you’re exchanging keys or leaving grooming products at each other’s homes. Single Virgos could meet someone with soulmate potential—or you could have an epiphany about what you need in a life partner. Warning: Strong emotions could also come barreling out, and you could have an outpouring of vulnerability, tears or raw expression. Bring on the true confessions!

If a relationship has passed its prime, this definitive eclipse could bring a swift ending—at least, to the current state of affairs. This make-it-or-break-it moment will put everything on the table, including some potentially surprising secrets. Have you been burying something? This eclipse could pry that loose. The truth will set you free in SOME way today. And if you both want this relationship to evolve and thrive, you’ll need to leave no stone unturned. What toxic or sabotaging behaviors can you commit to releasing? Working with a therapist may be a lifeline for your bond. Since lunar eclipses can also make us behave in unusual ways, you could also take advantage of it and “break character.” For example, if you usually wait to be approached, you could make the first move—or vice-versa.