Health & Happiness:

Gun the engines! Virgo season is here, refilling your tanks, as the life-giving Sun and bountiful Jupiter spend much of September in your sign. By the time the Sun departs your sign on September 23, energizer Mars will take over, moving into Virgo from September 24-November 12. Get ready for a serious energy reboot!

You may need to handle some unfinished emotional business this month, however, as beautifying Venus will linger in Leo, your twelfth house of healing and rest, until October 8. Slow down and savor a few sensual moments, revel in solitude, book a long massage or a trip to the day spa. Luckily, Venus will end its six-week retrograde on September 6, so if you’ve been dealing with some old body image issues or emotional wounds, that should start to get easier as September wears on.

Stressful Mars will remain in Leo until September 24 (it’s been here since August 8), which could interrupt your sleep patterns or leave you tossing and turning at night. You could feel sluggish and a bit overwhelmed at times, though hopefully the planets in Virgo will help offset that. Make a conscious effort to power down backlit devices, de-stress with guided meditations and to avoid anxiety-triggering conversations in the pre-bedtime hours. Your subconscious is especially activated with Mars in your twelfth house, so dreams could be vivid and even prophetic, especially when Venus and Mars make a rare alignment in Leo on September 1. You might even have a psychic flash on September 8, when Mars forms a trine to breakthrough-planet Uranus in your mystical eighth house. Since the twelfth house rules the afterlife, you may get a message from a departed relative, through strong symbols, memories and serendipitous events. Maybe you’ll hear that person’s favorite song just when you were thinking of them, smell their perfume/cologne or be struck by a déjà vu. Investigate, Virgo—what is this visceral memory trying to tell you?

Big news arrives on September 17, when Saturn begins a two-year plunge into Sagittarius, your fourth house of home and family, where it will remain until December 19, 2017. The next couple years could have some tough moments of personal growth, as Saturn forms a cramped square (90-degree angle) to your Sun, demanding change and compromise. Saturn is touring your home and family sector until December 2017, so your biggest area of evolution will be in your private and/or home life. A female relative, possibly your mother, could be the cause of some angst or adjustment. Or, perhaps you’ll become a parent or homeowner, and the process will demand a certain level of attention and evolution. Balancing your personal life with your career and individual needs will also require more structure. Make a dedicated effort to book self-care time and a space to process your emotions.

For the last week of the month, Saturn will form a tense square to Mars in Virgo, giving you a bit of astrological whiplash. Is your life properly set up for self-care? Demands on the homefront could make it hard to work out or prioritize your own wellbeing. You may also feel a bout of self-consciousness or set the bar too high, especially if you’re just getting back on the fitness wagon. Easy does it, Virgo. As much as you love a good whole-life renovation, you need to pace yourself! Don’t go on a wild tear throwing out everything with a processed ingredient or refined flour. Trouble getting to the gym? Setting up a workout area at home or investing in an elliptical machine, for example, could help you achieve your goals instead. At the same time, it might do you some good to get out of the house, especially if you find it too distracting to focus on your reps and routine. If you’ve organized friends or family to join you on the health bandwagon, you may find that they flake out, or just aren’t as motivated. Don’t wait around, Virgo—get to the gym, even if it means going solo.

Love Days: 21, 26
Money Days: 5, 15
Luck Days: 2, 13
Off Days: 27, 9, 24