Farhia and Jason: African and Asian wedded bliss

Farhia and Jason are a Somali and Japanese couple, who have kindly allowed us to share in their most
resplendent and beautiful wedding of April 11, 2013. Although many people have already seen this couple’s fabulous photographs as they are in various blogs and Pinterest boards, we have fallen in love these pictures and wanted our readers to see them too. So we went directly to the couple’s own photographer and this is the result.

The couple are Canadian nationals - Farhia is Somali and Jason is Japanese – and this is one of the most beautiful ‘Blasian’ couples we have ever seen. However, we’ve posted a number of their fabulous wedding photographs here, but we would still suggest that you go and check out the entire wedding album on their photographer’s website. We hope that you enjoy these wonderful pictures, and that you will continue to read the ‘Wedding Album’ and MPi website!   

Farhia and Jason, and a kiss for the bride
Farhia and Jason, having a tender moment together

Jason and his friends at the wedding
Jason and a couple of his best buddies at the weddingn

Farhia and her Maids of Honour
Farhia, looking serene on the balcony after the ceremony

Farhia and Jason, strolling into the reception
Farhia and Jason, being congratulated by their friends

Farhia, with a kiss for her mother on her big day
Jason's father having a great time at the reception

Farhia and Jason, heading for the dancefloor for their wedding dance
The bride and groom dancing tenderly together

A tender touch from the groom for his bride
A kiss of love from the groom for his bride